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MI DEBATE | A 3 meses de que el contrato discográfico de Taylor Swift expire, ¿qué crees que hará al terminar? Revisa los 4 posibles destinos de la cantante según Variety

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Taylor Swift Stands to Make Music Business History as a Free Agent

Come November, the superstar will be able to sign a new deal for the first time since she was 15. And it's sure to be a big one.


Variety spoke with high-ranking label insiders and industry experts about how things might shake out for the “Shake It Off” singer, and came up with these four scenarios:

The post-major-label DIY model. Does she even need a “real” record company anymore? “Really, what the labels do anymore is radio and international,” says one former major label chief, “and the rest is all bullshit, if they’re not developing an artist. She might still want the security blanket of a label. But she could do a great distribution deal anywhere, hire a few more people, and pay for some services that the streaming platforms will have soon but don’t have yet.” Breaking this ground might be hard to resist for someone who already handles most of the duties a label would — from A&R to album design to publicity to most of her videos — with her own in-house team.


Signing with a non-Universal major. Any major label group would jump at landing someone who’s inarguably one of the three or four biggest music stars in the world. The complications would only come in as various imprints are considered. A Sony source notes it’d be tricky to sign her to Columbia, where she’d have to share oxygen with a couple of those other biggest heavyweights, Beyoncé and Adele… but she’d be the undisputed champ at any of Sony’s other labels, not to mention over at the Warner Music Group. One high-ranking Sony insider would like to see a deal with his company but believes their chances really depend on what Borchetta is willing to do, saying “it’s a nonstarter for us” if Big Machine decides to give in on the masters.


Leaving Big Machine but staying within the Universal Music ecosystem. Some see this as the likeliest scenario, since there’s been some strain with Big Machine but Universal has more to lose than just bragging rights by not being in the Taylor Swift business anymore. “[universal Music chairman] Lucian [Grainge] will do everything in his power to make sure she doesn’t go away,” says a label insider. “Bear in mind, UMG is looking to sell 50 percent of the company. If someone offers her $100 million, he’ll go to $120 million.” And the Republic label would be the obvious place to go within UMG, since they’ve had a hugely fruitful relationship ever since she went pop and needed the help of a Top 40 radio promotion department that Big Machine didn’t have. “This is the team partly responsible for making you one of the biggest stars the world,” says a UMG source. “To change that up midstream is a risk.”


Welcome (back) to the Machine. Borchetta has signaled in the past that he’s not inclined to surrender what may be the company’s biggest single asset: Swift’s masters. That there’s apparently no breakthrough in sight on that point suggests neither side wants to give in… which might leave Big Machine in the position of giving up a piece of Swift’s future in order to hold on to a bigger piece of her past. “The onus is on [borchetta],” says a well-placed source. “Does he want to be in the Taylor Swift business going forward? If he does, he needs to do something.”




Artículo completo: https://variety.com/2018/music/news/taylor-swift-stands-to-make-music-business-history-as-a-free-agent-1202918336/

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La veo en algún sello de Universal o que siga en Big Machine :mm:


Incluso, capaz que lance un sello propio, pero lo veo muy riesgoso en estos tiempos donde es necesario igual un sello grande por tema de promoción y apoyo :mm:

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Por lo ambiciosa y buena para manejar negocios, no me extrañaría que lanzara un sello propio, o lograr una negociación con un sello que le otorgue las garantías de uno propio, tales como ganancias al 50% o más exclusivo para ella por su música, porcentajes mayores por sus presentaciones en vivo y tours (algo así como Madonna); de todos modos puede exigir lo que quiera, xq saben que es dinero con grandes retornos :diva:

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