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Found 15 results

  1. Espacio para comentar el arranque de la nueva gira mundial de Ariana Grande Fotos, videos, opiniones sobre el setlist, el vestuario, la escenografía TODO aquí
  2. La canción se llama "break up with your girlfriend, i'm bored" El video ya está grabado y lo dirigió Hannah Lux Davis, igual que los de thank u, next y 7 Rings
  3. Speaking of Grammy, wonderers wonder: If Ariana Grande is cool enough to headline Coachella, why isn’t she cool enough for a top-tier Grammy nom? The Republic superstar, with expert guidance from Scooter Braun, has had a massive year. She’s scored multiple hits garnering impressive streams, spins and sales; the redemptive Manchester benefit; diverse, effective TV looks; and an overwhelming social-media profile (as she gracefully weathered a high-profile breakup). Grande is unquestionably one of the top artists of the moment. Why she was consigned to the Grammy Pop ghetto—alongside fellow marketplace movers Camila Cabello and Taylor Swift, also inexplicably snubbed in marquee categories—remains a head-scratcher, and speaks to the ongoing lack of transparency in the process. Will Grande appear on the show? For the time being, Grammy probably needs her more than she needs Grammy. FUENTE: http://hitsdailydouble.com/news&id=314820&title=I.B.-BAD-ON-MUSIC
  4. Francis Fellizeri quien acaba de cumplir 20 años se hizo conocida en nuestro pais cuando participó en el programa "Mi Nombre Es" de canal 13 interpretando a Britney Spears, con tan solo 15 años Francis alcanzó el Peak de sintonia del programa incluso superando a la final del mismo, Francis posteriormente fue invitada a participar del programa "Maquina da fama" en brasil donde ganó el programa, ella utlizó este dinero del premio para comenzar a trabajar en su propia carrera, de la mano de su mejor amigo y director Oscar Andree, Francis comenzó en el año 2014 con la realización de "Sobrenatural" canción producida por Jose Miguel Alfaro (denise rosenthal) y que nació de un poema de Francis, El 07 de septiembre del 2015 Francis lanza el video clip "Sobrenatural" el video clip el cual fue una producción de 3 dias de rodaje, que no tiene nada que envidiarle a producciones internacionales, "Sobrenatural" capta inmediatamente la atención de medios internacionales quienes la llaman "La artista pop latina del futuro", "Una nueva diva en creación" y la comparan con Bella thorne, Alexandra stan y Britney Spears. esto le valio multiples publicaciones en medios nacionales como LUN, portada en Publimetro, Canal 13 e invitación al programa Intrusos de la Red, diversos artistas como Nicole, Sergio Lagos y Denise Rosenthal quien le envio todo el éxito del mundo han dado muestras de apoyo a la pequeña Francis, actualmente Francis se encuentra en plena promoción de "Sobrenatural" y segun comenta en diversas entrevistas no puede creer este gran recibimiento que a tenido su single y dice estar viviendo su sueño. Instagram: https://instagram.com/FrancisFellizeri FB: https://www.facebook.com/FrancisFellizeriOficial FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/FrancisFellizeri Twitter: https://twitter.com/FrancisFelizeri
  5. Ariana Grande's Success With 'Sweetener' Marks a Rare New Peak for a Late-'10s Pop Star It's significant to see Grande's ascending to new heights in 2018 simply because not many of her pop star peers are doing so alongside her. If you look at most of the other major pop figures from Grande's early days, most of them have taken a step back in terms of their mainstream presence in the last couple years. Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Timberlake are all coming off projects whose commercial returns were highly underwhelming compared to expectations, and while the most recent albums by Lorde, Kesha and P!nk all sold fairly well and received a decent amount of critical acclaim, none really re-cemented their respective artists' presence on the Hot 100 or mainstream radio, where they were fixtures with previous efforts. Even Taylor Swift, once the standard-bearer of too-big-to-fail pop largesse, experienced a notable (if hardly calamitous) downturn in top 40 omnipresence with 2017's Reputation. While her peers and predecessors find themselves victim to changing tastes and trends within the pop landscape, Ariana continues to rise untouched above them. Finally, it's noteworthy what kind of album Grande is doing all of this with. Sweetener is the pop star's most mature and personal album, an emotional meditation on love and fear and security that is in spots deliriously happy and in others almost unbearably anxious, with her experiences following the Manchester attack and her blossoming love with Davidson both clear points of inspiration. And while the set's R&B-inflected pop sound is still recognizably Grande's, it's also perhaps her least explicitly commercial album to date. Sweetener features few pop explosions or obvious radio crossovers on the level of "Break Free" and "Problem" (or "Into You" and "Side to Side") -- even cathartic lead single "No Tears" feels somewhat left-field, riding an early-'90s hybrid dance/R&B swing rather than a pounding 4/4 EDM propulsion or a more 2018-friendly trop-house bounce -- instead opting for more intimate, restrained production and lyrics that largely eschew grand statements for private sentiments. While some fans have decried the set's lack of obvious bangers, many have already fallen for the album's off-kilter charms -- shepherded sonically in large part by fellow pop weirdo Pharrell Williams -- while critically, the set has attracted arguably Grande's strongest set of reviews yet. The album has also benefited from the strong branding of Grande's distinctive upside-down font used to promote the album on social media, as well as the eye-popping, narrative-forwarding visuals for "No Tears" and "God," and a rollout that has built smartly over the course of several months without becoming totally overwhelming, and peaked at the exact right time, of VMAs week. For Ariana to hit new commercial benchmarks while also reaching new artistic heights, on the back of a promotional campaign that established this as a new and unique era in her evolution -- well, that's what pop stardom is supposed to be, isn't it? Of course, it's no secret that pop supermacy, as we understood it at the beginning of the '10s, is not what it once was as we near the decade's end. The days of the star-powered, svengali-directed, radio-driven dance-pop anthem as the core element of music mainstream's are largely over, with radio replaced by streaming, the svengali replaced by the freelance super-producer, and dance-pop mostly replaced by hip-hop. But that just makes it all the more impressive how Grande has continued to defy gravity while so many of her pop peers have fallen around her. By growing her sound without completely overhauling it, by overcoming tragedy and coming back more of a force than ever, she's managed to reach 2018 as one of music's biggest and best-loved stars. And there's no reason to think we couldn't be having the same conversation about her in 2023, either.
  6. v/s — Ambas tienen bundles que van a ayudar con las ventas. El álbum de Ariana incluye el álbum en las compras de merchandising y el de Nicki viene con las entradas para su tour con Future. — "Sweetener" de Ariana tiene 15 canciones, 4 menos que "Queen" de Nicki que tiene 19. — Nicki tiene una versión especial del álbum físico para Target, pero Ariana ninguna. — Hasta ahora, Sweetener tiene 430m de streams en Spotify y Queen 183. Ambos con sólo 3 canciones liberadas. — Sweetener está #2 en el chart de pre-orders de Itunes, Queen en el #7. ¿Quién crees que venderá más? ¿Alguna de las dos tiene posibilidades de llegar al #1? ¿Crees que esto afecte en algo la amistad de ambas?
  7. Pop and Dance Pop are the clear favorites in the majority of states. Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” came in on top, having been streamed more than 1.7 billion times. At $0.0038 per stream, Ed has made upwards of $6.6 million on that song alone. In 6 of the 9 states that prefer Demi Lovato, there happens to be a higher-than-average female/male ratio (girl power for the win). Artists like Charlie Puth, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, and Taylor Swift are made popular mostly by teens and preteens, and are all connected to states that have a population of 0-18 year olds above the national average. https://www.attsavings.com/resources/entertainment/top-spotify-artist-by-state/
  8. With a voice like hers, Ariana could have been a star in any decade -- from the golden age of Hollywood to the doo-wop era, ’70s disco to ’90s R&B, she’s sung it all. She’s found seemingly countless ways to deliver ballads and love songs, her bread and butter. But her outlook is thoroughly modern -- many of her biggest chart hits have been uptempo dance or hip-hop inflected tracks. This list includes every commercially available Ariana song -- three studio albums, bonus tracks, features and musical theater numbers. But it excludes remixes, YouTube covers, SoundCloud exclusives, and some live tracks from One Love Manchester, which have since disappeared from iTunes and streaming services. That leaves us with a surprisingly robust 86 songs, only a handful of which are outright bad -- with a solid top 60, and a near-flawless top 30. 15. Knew Better/Forever Boy 14. No Tears Left To Cry 13. Side To Side 12. Baby I 11. Be My Baby 10. Santa Tell Me 9. The Way 8. Dangerous Woman 7. Be Alright 6. Moonlight 5. Problem 3. Honeymoon Avenue 2. Break Free 1. INTO YOU https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/pop/8390286/ariana-grande-every-song-ranked?utm_source=twitter&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  9. Demi Lovato's Sorry Not Sorry Becomes the most Streamed Lead Single by any female ex-Act (Disney / Nickelodeon) of All Time on Spotify 408,286,634 408,048,022 406,221,653 364,001,128 317,094,618 280,664,205 235,237,387 204,293,817 154,391,523 136,651,710
  10. Tyrant Thee Stallion

    NEW SONG | Demi Lovato - Sexy Dirty Love