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Found 14 results

  1. Review: Ariana Grande at Coachella was not the pop star we needed Oh no. Does this mean we’re in for a few years of washed-up guitar bands? When Coachella announced in January that it had booked Ariana Grande as one of its headliners, many old-time festival-goers expressed sorrow that their precious alternative-rock show — the desert blowout that once hosted the likes of Nine Inch Nails and Rage Against the Machine — had gone fully and irredeemably pop. I was optimistic: As savvy a superstar as the top 40 can claim right now, Grande in my view is perfectly capable of designing a Coachella set to bridge the gap between the festival’s dark-and-edgy past and its bright-and-shiny present. And given how good she is on “Thank U, Next” — the album she released after Coachella revealed its lineup — I still believe she could’ve done it. But the disappointing show Grande played Sunday night to close the first weekend of this year’s edition — well, that wasn’t it. The performance started strong, with the singer belting “God Is a Woman” amid a Last Supper-style tableau; next was “Bad Idea,” which had her dancers writhing as profanely as any NIN fan could want. Then she sang a tart rendition of “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored,” a song that samples an old track by ’N Sync. As had been widely rumored before showtime, that was a pretext to bring out four members of the beloved boy band — all of them but Justin Timberlake — who enlisted Grande to join them for their classic “Tearin’ Up My Heart.” “I’ve been rehearsing my whole … life for this,” Grande said, using a salty adjective, and though she didn’t say it, you could tell how much she was enjoying playing Timberlake’s part after he reportedly bowed out of doing Coachella, which opened the spot up for her. Pretty clever. Unfortunately, the show began to fall apart after that. Grande’s singing was fine, at least when she bothered to sing. (She relied on a lot of vocal tracks.) And her costumes were fun. (She said she couldn’t decide which one to wear, so she wore them all — none of which you can see here, as Grande barred The Times from photographing the concert.) But with routines from her current arena tour jammed together with special-for-Coachella numbers, this thing told no coherent story — a must for any pop extravaganza that plays in the wake of Beyoncé’s game-changing performance last year. Worse, the would-be show-stoppers (other than the collaboration with ’N Sync) were sloppy as hell. Nicki Minaj turned up to do her verses in “Side to Side” and “Bang Bang,” but rapped so carelessly that it came as no surprise when she didn’t come out later during “The Light Is Coming,” on which she also features. And though you had to appreciate the thought that went into it, an unannounced appearance by Diddy and Mase to do “Mo Money Mo Problems” — which Grande sampled years ago for her own “Break Your Heart Right Back” — went sideways when the singer’s band seemed unable to settle on a key for the song. Which meant that the moment, lacking any musical value, registered only as hollow spectacle — precisely the thing that diehard rock chauvinists say Coachella was indulging by booking a pop star in the first place. They’re wrong, of course. (I repeat: Beyoncé.) But I worry that this slapdash display might scare Coachella back into its comfort zone. Fuente
  2. QUEENS!!! y seran las unicas que recibieran este beneficio se nos viene un concierto por stream
  3. Coachella retiró a Kanye de su cartel porque el rapero quería actuar en una cúpula gigante Coachella ha revelado recientemente su cartel de 2019, encabezado por Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande y Tame Impala y con la presencia también de Janelle Monáe, The 1975, Solange, J Balvin, Aphex Twin, Pusha T o Rosalía. Curiosamente, Ariana es la “headliner” más joven de la historia del festival. Pero Ariana podía no haber actuado en Coachella. Billboard publica hoy una información exclusiva sobre el cartel en la que se revela que la autora de ‘Sweetener’ fue confirmada en el programa in extremis tras caerse de él el que iba a ser uno de sus cabezas de cartel originales, el rapero Kanye West. Fuentes cercanas a Coachella confirman a Billboard que Kanye exigía actuar en una cúpula gigante situada en el centro del festival, a lo que Coachella se negó, retirándole del cartel. La historia es un poco más interesante de lo que parece. Las fuentes cuentan a Billboard que Kanye tenía muy clara su idea, pero que Coachella hubieron de explicarle que sería “imposible” construir una cúpula gigante en solo cuatro meses y que situarla en el centro del festival implicaría reorganizarlo por completo, ya que obligaría a eliminar una “gran parte de los baños portátiles”. Cita Billboard que Kanye, “irritado”, contestó que él es un “artista con visión” y que no “debería estar hablando sobre baños portátiles”, añadiendo que era responsabilidad del festival encargarse de los baños antes de colgar el teléfono “de manera abrupta”. En fin, cosas de un megalómano empedernido… https://jenesaispop.com/2019/01/13/352118/coachella-retiro-a-kanye-de-su-cartel-porque-el-rapero-queria-actuar-en-una-cupula-gigante/
  4. Childish Gambino, Tame Impala & Ariana Grande Headline Coachella 2019 Lineup Childish Gambino, Tame Impala and Ariana Grande are just some of the big names confirmed for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2019 lineup, announced overnight. Organizers began revealing the bill on Wednesday (Jan. 2), leaking performers one by one on social media. Then came the big drop just before midnight. The blockbuster bill has something for everyone, with Janelle Monae, The 1975, Solange, Kid Cudi, Khalid and Zedd among the scores of artists.
  5. El nombre de Tomasa aparece en la última línea de los viernes y el de Javiera en la última del sábado
  6. setlist: 1) Alive 2) Diamonds 3) Cheap thrills 4) Big girls cry 5) Bird set free 6) Reaper 7) One million bullets 8) Elastic Heart 9) Unstoppable 10) Breathe me 11) Move your body 12) Titanium 13) Chandelier Link: https://www.facebook.com/SIAworld/
  7. Foals - Mountain At My Gates – Live from Coachella 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTZiZyXcPFE
  8. Borns - Electric Love – Live from Coachella 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TjhGwZIxVg
  9. Guns N' Roses, LCD Soundsystem y Calvin Harris liderarán el festival Coachella 2016 Festival -que se llevará a cabo en la localidad de Indio, California en abril- reveló esta noche su lineup. Joaquín Cruzat 05 de enero del 2016 / 01:02 Hrs Hace algunos días se anunciaba el regreso a las pistas de la legendaria banda de hard rock estadounidense Guns N' Roses. Esto se hará realidad luego de que el festival de música Coachella revelara el line up de su edición 2016, donde el grupo de Los Ángeles será acompañado por otros artistas de gran renombre internacional. Los interpretes de clásicos como "Welcome to the jungle" y "Sweet Child O'Mine" volverán a presentarse con su formación original. Según el sitio Billboard.com, tras su presentación en el festival, Axl Rose y su banda podría embarcarse en una gira norteamericana que contemplaría 25 recitales. No sólo esa fue la sorpresa del cartel anunciado por Coachella. La edición de este año también estará marcada por el regreso de LCD Soundsystem, la agrupación de dance punk liderada por James Murphy, disuelta en el 2010. Entre los demás artistas a presentarse, destacan el exitoso dj Calvin Harris, M83, los raperos Ice Cube y A$ap Rocky, el grupo de electro pop CHVRCHES, el blues de Gary Clark Jr, entre otros. Coachella 2016 se realizará, como todos los años, en Indio, California, entre los fines de semana del 15 al 24 de abril. pic.twitter.com/Qyf466FqWa — Coachella (@coachella) enero 5, 2016 Fuente: http://www.latercera.com/noticia/entretencion/2016/01/661-662712-9-guns-n-roses-lcd-soundsystem-y-calvin-harris-lideraran-el-festival-coachella.shtml