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Found 11 results

  1. #BLACKPINK VUELVE PRONTO! YG actualizó su IG con esta imagen diciendo que las canciones estaban grabadas y que su regreso sería próximamente. porfin!
  2. Best Selling Albums by GGs this decade #1 AKB48 - Tsugi No Ashiato 1,4M #2 SNSD - Girls' Generation the 1st Jp Album 1,1M #3 AKB48 - 1830M 1,1M #4 Little Mix - Get Weird 905K
  3. !!! porfin tendran su debut tiene subs en español confirmado debut oficial a mitad de Julio MV grabado en LA K.A.R.D reportedly to make their official debut in mid July, to start broadcast promos + MV filming complete in LA - Industry officials report that K.A.R.D will make their official debut in mid-July. - They have already begun heavy preparations for their (supposed) mid-July debut. - Title song has already been recorded - Title song music video was filmed back in May in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. se viene
  4. 'BOOMBAYAH' is now the most viewed debut MV by a girl group of the 21st century, surpassing Little Mix's 'Wings'. 165,330,384 165,227,541 Queens COMEBACK DE BLACKPINK EL 22 DE JUNIO!
  5. Article: [Exclusive] SNSD to release a new album... "For a new 10 years" Source: Sports Donga via Naver 1. [+1,527, -144] Hul, a Soshi comeback in time for their 10th anniversary this summer, can't wait 2. [+1,210, -120] SNSD's July comeback, let's hit daebak ♡ 10 year girl group SNSD ♡ and I hope Taeng's album hits daebak too ♡ 3. [+1,100, -132] So daebak that it's just in time for their 10th anniversary~ let's win daesang this year! 4. [+1,023, -119] They still have so much more to achieve 10 years in, let's run SNSD~ 5. [+971, -121] Taenggoo's hard at work~ early congratulations to SNSD on their 10th anniversary 6. [+249, -24] Hopefully SNSD can keep the second generation girl group line going.. so sad to hear all the news of disbandments lately 7. [+236, -22] While their peers have disbanded and disappeared, SNSD is still releasing their 10th anniversary album, so proud 8. [+230, -21] Hul ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ SNSD was with me through my school days and now they're celebrating their own 10th anniversary, congratulations!!! 9. [+243, -26] Those little kids grew up to celebrate their 10th anniversary, congratulations 10. [+223, -23] I knew they'd release a comeback for their 10th anniversary! Forever SNSD! PORFIN
  6. Album: Square One - Single iTunes: #1 Brunei Darussalam #1 Colombia #1 Finland #1 Hong Kong #1 Indonesia #1 Malaysia #1 Norway #1 Paraguay #1 Philippines #1 Singapore #1 Thailand #1 Vietnam #2 Brazil #2 Chile #2 Macau #2 New Zealand #2 Peru #2 Sweden #2 Taiwan #2 Turkey #3 United States #3 Mexico #3 Spain #5 Australia #5 Cambodia #5 Denmark #6 Austria #6 Canada #6 Russia #7 France #8 Ireland #8 Luxembourg #9 Germany #12 United Kingdom #14 Belgium #14 Switzerland #15 Netherlands #19 Sri Lanka #26 Italy #34 India The new gen of KR GG is here!
  7. Resumen SNSD is set to release their 5th album in May. It will be a full length album. http://media.daum.net/entertain/culture/newsview?newsid=20150226065908003 !!!