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Found 13 results

  1. Rita Sahatçiu Ora (nacida el 26 de noviembre de 1990 en Pristina, Kosovo), mejor conocida como Rita Ora, es una cantante británica, cantautora y actriz.[1] [2] En 2009 apareció como concursante para optar a representar a Reino Unido en Eurovisión. Después de 2009 firmó con la discográfica Roc Nation, alcanzando en 2012 su primer gran éxito internacional con Hot Right Now. Ella es de origen albanés kosovar. En 2007, Ora realiza su primer lanzamiento musical en el que aparece junto a Craig David en una canción titulada "Awkward" y es entonces cuando en 2008 hace "Where's your love" junto a Tinchy Stryder, por el cuál ella también consigue aparecer en el video musical. Ora empezó cantando en bares en Londres y proximidades, y en 2009 un cazatalentos la encuentra y la hace viajar a Nueva York donde se reúne con Jay Z. En 2009 realizará un cameo en el video de Jay Z "Young Forever" y "Over" con Drake. Ora consiguió atraer la atención de Jay Z y éste hizo que firmara para Rock Nation, en el cual ella protagonizaría algunas canciones comerciales. En 2009 participó en el concurso de la BBC que daba acceso a representar a Reino Unido en Eurovisión pero lo abandonó por no sentirse preparada. Actualmente, Ora se encuentra de gira por Europa, como telonera del famoso grupo británico Coldplay. Su album debut O.R.A. se lanzó el 27 de Agosto en UK e Irlanda.
  2. The "Just Dance" singer's meteoric rise to celebrity status not only defined the trajectory of Lady Gaga's career, but reimagined the way that up-and-coming pop musicians establish themselves as industry mainstays. When Lady Gaga smashed into the music scene back in 2008, people were naturally taken aback. Here was an eccentric, diva-like pop singer operating under a mysterious pseudonym that managed to score four top ten hits off of a debut album. But after just a couple years, and a number of changes -- both aesthetic and artistic -- Lady Gaga had become an artist synonymous with ultra-stardom. She caught the world’s attention with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face,” her first two singles and subsequently her two most successful Hot 100 hits, both topping the chart. Her iconic videos for songs like “LoveGame” and “Paparazzi,” and the shocking performance of the latter at the 2009 VMAs, only solidified her notoriety. In stunningly short period of time, Gaga had not only broken into the mainstream, but defied expectations of what was allowed for pop stars of the 2000s. Now, in the decade since Gaga’s inaugural album The Fame was first released (on Aug. 19, 2008 -- ten years ago Sunday), the “Bad Romance” singer’s stardom has waxed and waned. After three albums of anomalous, personality-driven pop bangers, Gaga released ARTPOP, a critically and commercially underwhelming set that saw the singer’s fame reach a new low. But Gaga reinvented her own image and sound, releasing two albums (Cheek to Cheek and Joanne) that found success diverging from the edgy electro-pop path she’d made for herself, while reminding fans the number of classic hits she'd already amassed during her gig at halftime of Super Bowl LI. She's still a force in popular music, though may never be the trailblazing star she was on her first album again. But no matter what career paths Gaga takes, The Fame will always serve as the album that not only introduced the world to one of the most ubiquitous pop stars of the 21st century, but as a redefinition of how artists cross over to the mainstream. While outlets and critics have claimed since her debut that the star is a carbon copy of Madonna, it has become clear in the years since that Gaga’s skyrocket to fame was a phenomenon unlike anything modern pop culture had previously seen. Since its 2008 release, The Fame has served as a template for up-and-coming artists on how to achieve status and attention within the pop music milieu. For some, the path has led to considerable top 40 success. But for many, Gaga’s initial rise to repute has proven to be nearly inimitable. Part of what made Gaga so endlessly fascinating to the public was the air of celebrity she cultivated with just her first album, as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. The Fame embodied what being famous felt like, even when Gaga herself had not achieved fame until after the album’s release. She strutted into pop culture as a fully-realized star, exuding confidence and prima donna status before even earning public permission to do so. She forced people to turn their heads and wonder if they had missed something: Who is this person? What is she doing? Has she been here this whole time, or is everyone else just as confused as I am? One artist who has come the closest to replicating Gaga’s level of alt-stardom is Sia, the world-renowned pop singer-songwriter. But context is key — before being launched into fame with guest turns on David Gueta's “Titanium” and Flo Rida's "Wild Ones," Sia had a long career as an indie recording artist, achieving a cult celebrity without truly breaking through to the mainstream. It wasn't until her sixth album 1000 Forms of Fear, that set's smash hit "Chandelier," and her subsequent decision to shield her face using various long-banged wigs, that she became a phenomenon. However, even with a number of viral music videos and hit singles (including a Hot 100 No. 1 hit with "Cheap Thrills"), Sia never quite reached the commercial consistency of early Gaga -- where every single and video became an event -- with new releases just as likely to miss the Hot 100 altogether as to top it. Even seasoned pop veterans have taken elements of what Gaga did in 2008 and incorporated them into their own acts. Ahead of the release of her 2010 album Bionic, Christina Aguilera adopted a fashion sense and persona resembling Gaga, causing public speculation over whether or not she was copying the new star. When her album was released, critics panned it for what was perceived as a cheap attempt to capitalize on the rising popularity of future-focused dance-pop and celebrity mystery. Ultimately, Gaga’s instant acclaim may be perceived as almost accidental, but it’s simply not the case. Even the title of The Fame shows that Gaga and her influential producers knew exactly what they were doing -- crafting hype, personality and undeniable radio-killers to shoot this once unknown singer by the name of Stefani Germanotta into the bloodstream of pop music. As the idol prepares her heavily anticipated sixth studio album and an equally hyped residency in Las Vegas, it’s clear that The Fame not only changed the course of Gaga’s career, but corrected the course of modern pop music for generations to come.
  3. "Fall In Line" finds our two leads coming in hot over a slow-burning, soulful beat — and we'd have it no other way. Xtina sings a verse reminding young women of their invaluable worth. These women are not made to fall in line! Damn right. Then Demi's verse — again, whoa. Because honestly, if you're a male and you dare to talk over powerhouses like Xtina and Demi, you'll wither under their power. Smash the patriarchy! —Paper Magazine With the music industry still yet to face its some of its darkest demons, the pop superstars are taking charge by empowering their fellow women. Over booming, soulful production, Xtina begins by sharing some wisdom with young women: "In this world, you are not beholden / You do not owe them / Your body and your soul." The song grows in ferocity, as well as in its ambitious vocals, as Demi declares, "You're more than flesh and bones" before two belt and harmonize throughout in a move that seems to solidify Lovato as an undeniable voice of her generation. And while the song lets both divas' best qualities—those voices—shine, ultimately this track feels like Time's Up anthem the music industry needed. The message of "Fall in Line" aims to empower women with knowledge and uplift them, instead of waiting for the industry or world to change for them. — Fuse "Fall in Line" could very well be Liberation's "Beautiful," a fiery barn burner for little girls with dreams that allows Aguilera to really wring her voice for every drop of might be called ecstatic schmaltz. And, like "Beautiful," the song really works. —W Magazine The anthem sees the pop icons sing of the pressures women face, providing an empowering comeback to the negative stereotypes that surround women and girls. —NME It’s a melancholy spin on the empowerment themes of Aguilera’s “Beautiful” and Lovato’s “Confident,” but the underlying message are the same. The two singers trade lines and harmonize throughout over a backing track that recalls Lovato’s own record Tell Me You Love Me from last year. There’s also an impressive key change toward the end, as well as a deep male voice that intones “who told you you’re allowed to think?” It all adds up to one of the better songs released from Liberation thus far. —SPIN Xtina & Demi find an easy chemistry over an evocative production and stun with beautiful harmonies.Boasting a striking production and incredible performances from both Xtina and Demi, “Fall In Line” has all the signs of becoming a massive hit this summer. The Stripped diva is showing off her versatility on the LP so far. “Accelerate” highlighted her hip-hop sensibilities over its slick beats while “Twice” offered a moment for stunning balladry. However, this is the most pop and radio friendly song we have heard yet. —Idolator Titled “Fall in Line”, it’s an anthem for female empowerment featuring Demi Lovato, a fellow strong, outspoken woman and powerhouse vocalist. “Listen girls, listen closely/ Cause no one told me/ But you deserve to know/ That in this world, you are not beholden,” Aguilera rails against the patriarchy in the opening verse. “You do not owe them your body and soul.” —Consequence of Sound
  4. Rihanna Navy Brasil‏ @RNavyBrazil Seguir Más Rihanna aparece no livro Guinness World Record 2018 como a artista feminina mais executada no Spotify, com 6.6 bilhões de streams.
  5. http://www.investopedia.com/news/why-pepsi-may-spend-1-billion-madonnabacked-coconut-water-company/#ixzz4ijOVNKJq
  6. Acid Prince

    NEW ALBUM | Drake - Views

  7. Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Songs of 2015 The music industry has had a historic 12 months as the streaming wars heated up and album sales reached record-breaking highs thanks to Adele after years of diminishing returns. As the business itself faced incredible changes, breaking artists and veteran musicians alike experimented with their sounds, doing everything from throwing back to the Seventies to getting everyone to cha-cha. As 2015 comes to an end, we asked our readers to vote for their favorite songs of the year. Here are the results... 1. Ghosttown Even in a great year for pop music, Madonna is still the queen. The power ballad off her March album Rebel Heart was a more classic pop turn for the singer after the house hit "Living for Love" and trap digression of "Bitch I'm Madonna." On the massive, romantic track, the singer tackles both world issues and a reflection of self. Even though the single didn't crack the Billboard Hot 100, it still topped the dance charts and showcased one of the singer's strongest vocal performances. TOP 10: 1. Ghosttown - Madonna 2. Ghost Town - Adam Lambert 3. Hello - Adele 4.He Is - Ghost 5. Pederastian at Best - Courtney Barnett 6. First - Cold War Kids 7. Let It Happen - Teme Impala 8. When I'm Blind - Built to Spill 9. Don't Wanna Fight - Alabama Shakes 10. Hotline Bling - Drake http://www.rollingstone.com/music/lists/readers-poll-the-10-best-songs-of-2015-20151216/drake-hotline-bling-20151216