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Found 128 results

  1. Lady Gaga Offered to Be Billie Eilish's Mentor Lady Gaga revealed that she had offered to mentor Billie Eilish. Though the 18-year-old has obviously been successful on her own, when it comes to handling the ins-and-outs of the music industry, Gaga knows how rough it can be. And so, during a recent interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Gaga explained that she sent Eilish a bouquet of flowers after sweeping the Grammys earlier this year. "For me, it's healing because it hurt me that I didn't get that," she said, referring to the way her success and artistry was treated early on. "I'm going to be that for someone else. I've had a harder time with older women in terms of having a female mentor." Gaga then went on to say that other than Celine Dion and Carole King, she found it "difficult to have someone who would show me the way." "So I really hope that young female artists – or young artists of any gender identity or sexual identity – will know I am rooting for them," Gaga added. That said, she did mention that the one person who did help her was none other than Elton John, saying that he's been her "mentor for a long time." "I mean, he's always challenged me to keep my head above water and it's something that I always appreciate is that he knows when I'm down. He just does," she said. "And he knows because I hide, because I never want anyone to see me when I'm like that." No word yet on whether Eilish is planning to take Gaga up on her offer. But if she does, here's to hoping there's also a collaboration of sorts in the works! Fuente: Paper Magazine
  2. 10. Dixie Chicks, "Gaslighter" With "Gaslighter," the Dixie Chicks came roaring back from a 14-year hiatus. The song channels the anger of a woman scorned by her husband -- lead singer Natalie Maines seemingly draws from her real life relationship with ex Adrian Pasdar -- and perhaps fits best as the spiritual prequel to "Goodbye Earl." (They haven't poisoned his black-eyed-peas just yet.) Weaponizing their gorgeous vocal harmonies against the man who did wrong, "Gaslighter" provides a foot-stomping, burn-it-all-to-the-ground good time. The Chicks are still not ready to make nice, and that's perfectly fine with us. -- DENISE WARNER 9. Grimes, "Delete Forever" "Wonderwall" at the end of the world; an acoustic campfire singalong for when the entire planet is burning. "Delete Forever" resonates more and more the further we get into the most unprecedented year of many of our lifetimes, not just for its lyrics of extreme anxiety ("Lying so awake, things I can't escape") and disillusionment ("Innocence was fleeting like a season") but for its overall feeling of surrender to oblivion's inevitability. "I see everything," Grimes laments -- an imperfect oracle to be sure, but one whose visions we can't help but keep returning to. -- A.U. 8. Dua Lipa, "Physical" The second single from Future Nostalgia opens with a 13-second instrumental, and for that, we should all be grateful. It’s just enough time to summon everyone within earshot to the dance floor and to mentally prepare yourself to give everything you’ve got for the next three minutes. After that, all bets are off -- thumping bass, well-timed claps and a bursting chorus combine to make a frenetic ‘80s-influenced jam that pays dutiful homage to the Olivia Newton-John jazzercise effort that helped inspire it. “Physical” is nothing short of an adrenaline-filled powerhouse that will rejuvenate any party for years to come. Don’t you agree? -- J.G. 7. Christine & The Queens, "People, I've Been Sad" The French singer has long been a master of the depressionbanger -- those transcendent pop anthems that are equal parts muscle and melancholy -- yet her simple declarations of solitude here nail the feeling of watching days slip by better than anything in her catalog. The chorus also offers a fitting snapshot of quarantine life: By pitching down her vocals and putting herself in conversation with her own voice, she's apart but not totally alone. And right now, you definitely know the feeling. -- NOLAN FEENEY 6. Lady Gaga, "Stupid Love" Gaga's smart enough to know that after leaving the dancefloor for a spell, you don't just come barreling back in at 11, and her return to Mother Monster territory on "Stupid Love" is a wonder of build-and-release ecstasy. Opening with a quivering electro-pop rhythm, Gaga matches the nervous energy of the Moroder-esque synth with a tentative, sweet croon, gradually working her way back up to the full-bore rapture of her early days. When she retakes the throne on the throbbing, shout-it-to-the-heavens chorus, it's clear she's truly at home: The Academy Awards might be a nice place to visit, and the widescreen ranches of Joanne have charm, but for species Gaga, Club Chromatica is the natural habitat. -- J. Lynch 5. Roddy Ricch, "The Box" Roddy Ricch got an early bid on claiming one of 2020’s most popular songs when “The Box” snared the Hot 100’s top rung in January, and stayed there 11 weeks. Between the track’s hypnotic uptempo beat, brain-sticking hook (“I won't never sell my soul”), Ricch’s vocal fervor and squeaky “eee err” ad-lib -- which launched countless memes and TikTok videos -- “The Box” was the Compton, Calif. rapper’s mainstream breakthrough. As Ricch told Billboard, “It just bangs. The 808s hit so hard.” -- G.M. 4. Doja Cat, "Say So" Even in a year where top 40 has been absolutely swarming with disco retro, there's an ease to the throwback elements of Doja Cat's "Say So" that makes it feel the least consciously backwards-looking of the year's best floor-fillers. The singer-rapper born Amalaratna Zandile Dlamini glides on the beat like she's doing a lap around the roller rink, her airy coo and over-caffeinated spitting both matching the sublime guitar-chop funk as naturally as Diana Ross jamming with Nile Rodgers 40 years earlier. Of course, it's not Rodgers but Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald -- the writer/producer accused by Kesha of sexual assault and other abuse -- who Doja's sharing the floor with on "Say So," an uncomfortable fact that shouldn't be ignored, even when celebrating what's clearly one of the most irresistible pop songs of 2020. -- A.U. 3. Harry Styles, "Adore You" Though released in December 2019, Harry Styles’ Fine Line grew roots in 2020 thanks to undeniably catchy singles “Adore You” and “Watermelon Sugar.” And while lead single “Lights Up” officially ushered in Styles’ second album, it’s the Top 40-friendlier “Adore You” that best marks his place in pop today -- and scored him his first No. 1 on Billboard’s Pop Songs radio airplay chart. After all, in addition to a gorgeously crafted hit, there are few things better than having someone plea through pitch-perfect vocals to “just let me adore you.” Only a fool would turn down an offer like that. -- L.H. 2. Megan Thee Stallion feat. Beyoncé, "Savage (Remix)" Houston, we got a problem! When the city's noblest daughters in Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé joined forces on the "Savage" remix, some considered it an anointment, crowning Meg as the premier female rapper in hip-hop. With Beyoncé riding shotgun, Megan's dynamic single received an extra jolt of rawness when Queen Bey gave her stamp of approval for OnlyFans enthusiasts, Demon Time warriors, and more. While Bey surfed through the J. White Did It beat with calm precision, Megan's husky hook ("I'm a Savage/ Classy, bougie, ratchet") remained the backbone for the swaggering track. Ultimately, the Houston connection proved to be timely, as Megan landed her first Hot 100 No. 1 last month with the record. -- C.L. 1. The Weeknd, "Blinding Lights" Sometimes the best songs are ones you think you’ve heard before -- but from a different artist and a different time. “Blinding Lights” is like that. The opening drumbeat is a DeLorean back to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It.” The amphetamine synth conjures fond memories of leopard-print-era Rod Stewart’s “Young Turks” -- or maybe that other guy with the avian hairdo, Mike Score from A Flock of Seagulls? And isn’t that spooky B-movie organ from Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me”? Whoah, stop thinking so much, dude, and let Abel Tesfaye’s Drambuie-drenched vocals bathe you in euphoria as you bop around your home in an M-95 mask, punching your fist to the “Hey!-Hey!-Hey!”’s, and giving thanks to Max Martin and The Weeknd for making a magical and much-needed tonic for troubled times. -- FRANK DIGIACOMO Resto de la lista
  3. #1 Adele - 25 (800,307) #2 Little Mix - Glory Days (96,205) #3 Taylor Swift - reputation (84,000) #4 Beyoncé - Lemonade (73,000) #5 Pink - Beautiful Trauma (70,074) #6 Florence & The Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (68,788) #7 Ariana Grande - thank u, next (65,000) #8 Little Mix - Get Weird (60,053) #9 Jess Glynne - I Cry When I Laugh (60,000) #10 Little Mix - LM5 (56,840) #11 Taylor Swift - Lover (53,015) #12 Lady Gaga - Chromatica (52,097) #13 Pink - Hurts 2B Human (48,861) #14 Kylie Minogue - Golden (48,032) #15 Billie Eilish - WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO (48,000) #16 Emeli Sande - Long Live The Angels (47,512) #17 Ariana Grande - Sweetener (45,000) #18 Paloma Faith - The Architect (40,000) #19 Ellie Goulding - Delirium (38,429) #20 Madonna - Rebel Heart (37, 245) El streaming fue incluido en los charts de UK para álbums desde Marzo del 2015
  4. ‘Chromatica I’ 'Alice' 'Stupid Love' ‘Rain On Me’ (with Ariana Grande) ‘Free Woman’ ‘Fun Tonight’ ‘Chromatica II’ ‘911’ ‘Plastic Doll’ ‘Sour Candy’ (with BLACKPINK) ‘Enigma’ ‘Replay’ ‘Chromatica III’ ‘Sine From Above’ (with Elton John) ‘1,000 Doves’ ‘Babylon’
  5. Álbum #3: Chromatica Tracklist Chromatica Chromatica I Alice Stupid Love Rain on Me (with Ariana Grande) Free Woman Fun Tonight Chromatica II 911 Plastic Doll Sour Candy (with Blackpink) Enigma Replay Chromatica III Sine from Above (with Elton John) 1000 Doves Babylon ---------- Método de Votación Ronda 1: + + - - 1 inmune y 2 eliminados. Plazo: Miércoles 3 a las 20:30 hrs. Dejar sugerencias para próximos survivors
  6. Lady Gaga se convierte en la primera artista femenina en la historia en colocar 6 discos consecutivos que han debutado directamente en el puesto #1 del Billboard 200 en un periodo de menos de 10 años con:“Born This Way” (2011)“ARTPOP” (2013)“Cheek To Cheek” (2014)“Joanne” (2016)“A Star Is Born” (2018)“Chromatica” (2020)
  7. Lady Gaga afirma en Instagram que foto de concierto de Metallica es suya y dispara las críticas en Twitter Lady Gaga, también conocida como "Mother Monster", se presentó frente a una gran multitud en la ciudad de Quebec el viernes y quería mostrar al mundo cómo muchos de sus fans se presentaron para apoyarla a ella y a su música. Aunque los números fueron impresionantes, una foto que Lady Gaga publicó en las redes sociales no era de su espectáculo, sino más bien de uno que se realizó hace tres años. El 4 de julio, la intérprete de "Applause" cantó canciones de su nuevo álbum "ARTPOP", así como algunos de sus clásicos en un espectáculo al aire libre en Quebec Music Festival que congregó alrededor de 90.000 personas, según su cuenta de Instagram y Mediaite. Para alentar a sus fans de todo el mundo, Lady Gaga, o quien maneja sus cuentas de redes sociales, publicó una foto que muestra la inmensa multitud presente en el concierto. "Esos puntitos son fans, y ese es nuestro escenario con luces brillando desde el centro. Increíble que 90.000 personas acudieran! Qué noche tan mágica #artraveQuebec", se leía en la publicación. Lamentablemente, no era su show. El primer sitio que dio a conocer el error fue Gossip Cop, que explicó que la foto correspondía a un concierto de Metallica del año 2011 en el mismo festival y lugar. Según Mediaite, "Mother Monster" rectificó su error a través de Twitter publicando fotos reales de su concierto y demostrando que ella no estaba tratando de inflar el número de asistentes, ya que el concierto de Metallica tenía alrededor de 130.000 asistentes. Sin embargo, Internet se mueve más rápido que nadie, y pronto su error fue viral. Lady Gaga respondió a varios críticos que se hicieron presentes a través de varios blogs y tweets, diciéndoles que "no estaba tratando de engañar a nadie." Sin embargo, su defensa pronto se convirtió en un ataque cuando le twitteó al blog Oh No They Didn't: "Aquí hay una foto real. Tal vez los fans de Madonna de su sitio puedan utilizar un microscopio para contar los asistentes". Fuente: http://www.latinpost.com/articles/16574/20140706/lady-gaga-claims-metallica-concert-pic-instagram-fires-back-critics.htm
  8. Remake de 'Ha nacido una estrella' Beyoncé protagonizará lo nuevo de Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood será finalmente el director de la nueva versión de Ha nacido una estrella. Un remake donde el veterano cineasta tendrá a sus órdenes nada y nada menos que a Beyoncé Knowles. Según informa The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. ha elegido a Eastwood -que actualmente se encuentra preparando el rodaje de Hoover, su biopic sobre el presidente estadounidense que protagoniza Leonardo DiCaprio- para dirigir este remake. Un proyecto con el que Eastwood sigue demostrando una enorme capaciadad para arriesgarse y probar géneros nuevos, en este caso el musical. Y es que, a sus 80 años, el incansable cineasta sigue ampliando sus horizontes profesionales como demuestra su última película Más allá de la vida, que se estrena este fin de semana en España, en la que se adentra por primera vez en el género sobrenatural. Ha nacido una estrella relata la historia Esther, una ambiciosa chica de pueblo con mucho talento que llega a Hollywood donde conoce a Norman, una estrella consagrada, ya en decadencia, que queda prendado de sus encantos. Norman y Esther se casan, pero la felicidad se ve empañada por el declive de Norman y su caída en el alcohol y las drogas y el rápido ascenso al estrellato de Esther. Una historia que ha sido llevada al cine en otras tres ocasiones: la primera en 1937 dirigida por William A. Wellman, la segunda en 1954 protagonizada por Judy Garland y la última en 1976 con Barbra Streisand en el papel de Esther. Esta será la cuarta vez que salte al cine, aunque en este caso lo hará con algunas variaciones. En el nuevo guión, escrito por Will Fetters (autor del libreto de Recuerdame, la cinta protagonizada por Robert Pattinson), la joven a la que encarnará Beyoncé se enamorará de una estrella de rock. Un papel que todavía no tiene dueño, aunque ya se habla de nombres como Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Jon Hamm o Robert Downey Jr. Trabajar a las órdenes del multioscarizado Eastwood supondrá un gran espaldarazo para la carrera de Beyoncé en Hollywood, que cuenta ya con éxitos como Obsesionada, Cadillac Records o Dreamgirls. Fuente1 Fuente2
  9. Lady Gaga será la artista principal en el evento "One World: #TogetherAtHome" debido a que está trabajando con la Organización Mundial de la Salud, asimismo actuará junto a los demás artistas. Lady Gaga se unirá a: Andrea Bocelli, Alanis Morissette, Billie Eilish, Elton John, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, John Legend, Lizzo, Maluma, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder y muchos más. El concierto estará disponible en todo el mundo el 18 de abril. El equipo liderado por Lady Gaga ha recaudado 35 millones de dólares en tan solo 7 días, desde su ingreso al equipo de la OMS.
  10. Lady Gaga, Ridley & Giannina Scott Team On Film About Assassination Of Gucci Grandson Maurizio; Gaga To Play Convicted Ex-Wife Patrizia Reggiani EXCLUSIVE: Ridley Scott has committed to direct a film about the tumultuous Gucci family fashion dynasty and the murder of the grandson of founder Guccio Gucci. Lady Gaga is attached to star as Patrizia Reggiani, the ex-wife of Maurizio Gucci, who was tried and convicted of orchestrating her ex-husband’s assassination on the steps of his office in 1995. She served 18 years before being let out of jail in 2016. It is the first project Lady Gaga has attached herself to since her Best Actress nomination in a breakout turn opposite Bradley Cooper in A Star Is Born. She won an Oscar for writing the song Shallow, one of a number of hits on the soundtrack. The combination of actress and director is already starting to draw interest but the first stop will be Fox/Disney, where Scott Free has its first look, and where Scott will next direct The Last Duel, with Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer and Ben Affleck in a coproduction between Scott Free and Pearl Street. https://deadline.com/2019/11/lady-gaga-ridley-scott-movie-maurizio-gucci-patrizia-reggiani-murder-gucci-family-giannina-scott-1202774518/
  11. IFPI, the organisation that represents the recorded music industry worldwide, has announced that Japanese band ARASHI had the biggest global album of 2019, with their compilation 5x20 All the BEST!! 1999-2019. ARASHI – Satoshi Ohno, Sho Sakurai, Masaki Aiba, Kazunari Ninomiya, and Jun Matsumoto – formed in 1999 and released their first single A-RA-SHI in November that year. They went on to release multiple million-seller albums over the next two decades. In June 2019, they released their 20th anniversary compilation 5x20 All the BEST!! 1999-2019 and staged the ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5x20 across Japan last year. The band, who are national icons in Japan, announced in January 2019 that they would be going on hiatus from 2021. Frances Moore, chief executive of IFPI, said: “ARASHI are an iconic Japanese band that have built a huge and very dedicated fanbase across Asia throughout their twenty-year music career. We would like to congratulate the artists on winning this award which is testament to their incredibly strong catalogue and career longevity.” Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album Lover was the second biggest global album of 2019. Released in August 2019, it debuted at number one in Australia, Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, the UK, and the US amongst others, and reached three million album-equivalent units worldwide by the end of its first week of release. MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA, the sixth EP from South Korean band BTS, takes third place in the 2019 chart. Not only is it the best-selling album ever in South Korea, but it also reached number one in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK and the US, marking the first time a Korean act has topped the charts in each of those countries. The IFPI Global Top Ten Album Chart combines global sales of physical and digital album downloads to rank the top albums of the year. The chart includes physical and digital album unit sales only. TOP 10 GLOBAL ALBUMS 2019 RANK ARTIST ALBUM NAME GLOBAL UNITS (MILLIONS) 1 ARASHI 5x20 All the BEST!! 1999-2019 3.3 2 Taylor Swift Lover 3.2 3 BTS MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA 2.5 4 Lady Gaga A Star is Born OST 1.2 5 Billie Eilish WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? 1.2 6 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody 1.2 7 Ed Sheeran No.6 Collaborations Project 1.1 8 Ariana Grande thank u, next 1.0 9 Rammstein Rammstein 0.9 10 The Beatles Abbey Road 0.8 Fuente
  12. IFPI Top 10 Global Recording Artists of 2019 1 - Taylor Swift Following a huge year for Taylor Swift, with her internationally acclaimed 7th studio album Lover and its singles topping charts worldwide, she is officially the #1 biggest global artist of the year. Congratulations! 2 - Ed Sheeran In a year that saw the release of his 4th studio album, No.6 Collaborations Project, featuring some of the biggest names in global pop, rock and rap, the UK star also wrapped up his Divide tour, officially the highest-grossing tour ever. 3 - Post Malone With the release of his 3rd studio album Hollywood’s Bleeding the artist further cemented himself as one of pop, rock and rap’s biggest stars also finding time to collaborate with legends Red Hot Chili Peppers, Travis Scott & Ozzy Osbourne. 4 - Billie Eilish Truly one of the year’s breakout stars - written at home in LA with brother Finneas the 18 year-old's global smash debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and hit single Bad Guy won 5x #GRAMMYs including song & album of the year 5 - Queen Following the success of their Bohemian Rhapsody biopic with an Academy Awards performance and a sold-out US leg of The Rhapsody Tour with Adam Lambert, UK legends Queen continued to rock charts worldwide. 6 - Ariana Grande Responsible for some of the year’s biggest singles 7 rings, Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored… and thank u, next, from her album of the same name, Ariana topped charts the world over as no. 6 biggest global artist of the year. 7 - BTS 2019 saw new career highs for K-pop megastars BTS; their 1st GRAMMYs attendance, Saturday Night Live US TV performance, a record-breaking world tour & Map Of The Soul: Persona becoming best-selling album ever in S. Korea. 8 - Drake In a year that saw the Canadian rapper branching further into film & TV, Drake continued to hit the studio, crafting some of the year’s biggest hits and working with many of the biggest new and established artists in global rap and R&B. 9 - Lady Gaga US pop superstar and actress Lady Gaga continued to rock charts worldwide in 2019 following her role in A Star Is Born and accompanying soundtrack, with hit lead single Shallow. 10 - The Beatles With the release of the 50th anniversary edition of one of the legendary band's most revered albums Abbey Road, the Fab Four made history again, topping album charts the world over (source: IFPI) ---------- Previous winners 2018 – Drake 2017 – Ed Sheeran 2016 – Drake 2015 - Adele 2014 – Taylor Swift 2013 – One Direction https://www.ifpi.org/news/Taylor-Swift-Named-IFPI-Global-Recording-Artist-of-2019
  13. En 2014, Kesha demandó a Dr. Luke por abuso sexual y emocional y luego de eso, Lukas Gottwald, nombre real del productor musical demandó a la cantante por difamación e incumplimiento de contrato. Kesha contó vía mensajes de texto a Lady Gaga que Gottwald la drogó, la violó e hizo lo mismo con Katy Perry, alegación que luego Perry desmintió en la corte. El juez además ordenó a Kesha pagar 374 mil dólares por incumplimiento de contrato, la autoridad también aclaró que el pago de la suma no significaba una resolución sobre si el productor abusó o no de Kesha, ese aspecto del caso sería definido en julio. "La importante decisión de hoy en la corte lleva a Dr. Luke a un punto más cerca de la justicia, la corte determinó que Kesha difamó a Dr. Luke e incumplió con su contrato", dijo Christine Lepera, abogada de productor musical. El equipo legal de Kesha dijo que planea apelar el resultado de la corte. Fuente