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  1. La 61ª edición de los Grammy, los premios que entrega la Academia Nacional de Artes y Ciencias de la Grabación de Estados Unidos, se celebra hoy en el Staples Center de Los Ángeles y, como cada año, este también desplegará lo mejor de la industria musical norteamericana, show, espectáculo y fuegos artificiales mediante. Como aperitivo de lo que pasará esta noche en L.A, parece que los Premios Grammy de este año se rendirán ante un género con cada vez más referentes, el hip hop. Como favoritos, parten los raperos Lamar, que ya tiene 12 y aspira a ocho, y Drake, que cuenta con siete nominaciones. Además de los nominados, la gala de los Grammy 2019 reunirá sobre el escenario a estrellas como Cardi B, Shawn Mendes, Post Malone, Camila Cabello, Miley Cyrus, H.E.R y Red Hot Chili Peppers. A todos podremos verlos en los siguientes horarios: 20:00 horas Alfombra Roja por el canal E! 22:00 horas la ceremonia por el canal TNT y TNT Series. ¿Quién animará la premiación? Alicia Keys será la encargada de conducir el evento, estrenándose como animadora tras los 15 Grammys que ha ganado ella misma como cantante a lo largo de su carrera. Además, será la primera mujer desde que Queen Latifah lo hizo en 2005. ¿A quién se le rendirá tributo este año? Recordemos que para este año, se rendirá tributo a toda la carrera de Diana Ross, ex líder de The Supremes y gran solista, coincidiendo con sus 75 años de aniversario. También se reconocerá el aporte a la música de Dolly Parton, con una actuación grupal de cantantes liderados por Katy Perry que realizarán distintos covers de su repertorio. Y para terminar, se recordará con una performance R&B a la Reina del Soul Aretha Franklin, que falleció el pasado agosto.
  2. Cardi B Becomes First Solo Woman to Win Best Rap Album at Grammys The five LPs up for best rap album at the 2019 Grammys constituted a stacked category: Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy, Mac Miller's Swimming, Nipsey Hussle's Victory Lap, Pusha T's Daytona and Travis Scott's Astroworld. But Cardi B managed to nab the honor in the highly competitive category with her smash debut. When the award was announced, Cardi freaked and hugged Offset, grabbing him by the hand and guiding him up to the stage with her. "Babe I can't breathe," she said after taking the stage. "The nerves are so bad -- maybe i need to start smoking weed." In addition to industry folks, Cardi thanked her child with husband Offset. "I want to thank my daughter. I'm not just saying thank because she's my daughter. When I found out I was pregnant, my album was not complete. I had three songs I was for sure having. And you know how I was. We had to have this album done so I could shoot these videos but I'm still not showing. It was very long nights." Though Lauryn Hill nabbed the best rap album award in 1997 as part of the Fugees for The Score, Cardi B is the first solo female to win best rap album at the 2019 Grammys. FUENTE
  3. La edición número 61 de los Premios Grammy se celebra mañana domingo en el Staples Center de Los Ángeles y a un día de que sepamos quién se lleva a la casa el prestigioso gramófono, queremos saber quién creen ustedes que corre con más posibilidades de ganar En la encuesta se incluyeron las categorías generales y además las pop, que reúnen bastante interés aquí en MI. Lógicamente puedes comentar tus predicciones para otros géneros también. A ver quién es el mejor pitoniso de este año
  4. BEST Drake - “Nice for What” Best Rap Performance You know how American Sniper became the highest grossing film of 2014 despite its use of an almost satirically fake-looking prop baby? That’s kind of how Drake’s Scorpion feels in retrospect. But for Drake (and Clint Eastwood), sometimes you are so in touch with a segment of the population that literally nothing can bring you down. Released before You Are Hiding a Child-gate and sounding just as untouchable now, “Nice for What” is the triumphant sound of believing this truth to be self-evident. Sufjan Stevens - “Mystery of Love” Best Song Written for Visual Media It’s good to see that Grammy voters are also still laying alone at night, weeping, as they imagine Call Me By Your Name hunks Elio and Oliver running through the Alps as Sufjan whisper-croons. In a category that tends to reward razzmatazz musicals and saccharine animated films, it’s a relief to see Sufjan Stevens’ humble, gorgeous falsetto recognized. Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper - “Shallow” Song of the Year, Record of the Year, Best Pop Group Performance, Best Song Written for Visual Media As sure as Jackson Maine will always want to take another look at you, “Shallow” was bound to be nominated for a Grammy. (It’s actually nominated for four, which is one more than Ally was nominated for in the film. Take that, cinema.) It’s got it all: a girl living in the modern word, a boy keeping it so hardcore, a vague existential crisis with a sick riff. What will happen if it doesn’t win anything? The darkest “Oh, HOOOOH Oh HOAAHHOOAHHOAAAH” imaginable. Travis Scott - “Sicko Mode” [ft. Drake] Best Rap Performance, Best Rap Song As you read this, there is a 16 year old from Iowa creating a shoot-dancing Triller video to “Sicko Mode.” I don’t blame them, it’s an irresistible song that features Drake taking a nap thanks to a small dose of Xanax, Travis Scott inventing the beat switch (I’m kidding, he didn’t), and every producer ever on a single track, even your cousin who keeps DMing you a link to his lo-fi Bandcamp beat tape. That’s more than enough for a Grammy. St. Vincent: “Masseduction” Best Rock Song Very cool of all the baby boomers in the Recording Academy to nominate the title track off St. Vincent’s 2017 record—which is absolutely about dominatrix culture and queer subjectivity. The hook goes, “I can’t turn off what turns me on,” and there are two different references about how going to church is hot. This is in the running against weird, soulless ghoul acts that write equally ghoulish music. Here’s hoping Annie Clark goes full camp and revives the toilet costume for her Grammy performance, in effect confusing all the normies. Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey - “The Middle” Best Pop Group Performance “The Middle” is essentially the sleeker new model of Zedd and Alessia Cara’s “Stay,” its chorus perfectly engineered to ricochet off the walls of your skull for eternity. Best Pop Group Performance might seem like an odd category considering Maren Morris is the only voice heard on the track, which boasts three featured producers and seven writers in total. But massive pop hits take a village, and her voice delivers every time, with and without the enormous stacks of vocoders. Big mood. (Still.) H.E.R. - “Focus” Best R&B Song When Rihanna used H.E.R.’s “Focus” in a slow-motion Instagram video, it was enough to make the most casual Robyn Fenty fan scream. The sensual sleeper hit elevated a selfie to a music video: Ri sits in a moving car, her hair flowing ethereally in the wind, while the sound of H.E.R.’s breathy voice trickles in like sunlight. The slow-burning “Focus” was enough to turn folks’ attention away from the Bad Gal for a sec while they wondered, “What’s that song?” Few have forgotten it since. Arctic Monkeys - “Four Out of Five” Best Rock Performance Alex Turner wrote a vaudevillian rock jingle about a taqueria on the moon that has good Yelp reviews, essentially. But the song takes the extremely cheeky idea of being kind of a narcissist about owning a restaurant (in space!), and turns it into a not so subtle critique of pop culture as a success-obsessed ouroboros. Feels on point for awards season. _____________________________________________________________________________ WORST Eminem - “Lucky You” [ft. Joyner Lucas] Best Rap Song There’s the moment in an NBA player’s career when it’s noticeable that they’re moving a little slower, shots aren’t falling, and their game no longer fits in the current era. In hip-hop, that was Eminem about a decade ago. Now, he’s busy clinging to preachy collaborators—hey, Joyner Lucas—using puns written for the days when his nemesis was Christina Aguilera, and still for some reason rapping so damn fast. Childish Gambino - “This Is America” Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Rap/Sung Performance, Best Music Video The arresting music video for Childish Gambino’s “This Is America” is just about perfect. But the Grammy for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Rap/Sung Performance—all the other categories the song is nominated for—should go to a song that is actually good. There is no “Atlanta” episode strong enough to justify Gambino doing a cartoonish impersonation of modern hip-hop flows and an instrumental that sounds like a high-budget, studio-funded parody of a fancified Atlanta sound. The only way Gambino could have made the song more unbearable was to add in a Tina Fey outro. Shawn Mendes - “In My Blood” Song of the Year “The concept of this song is about how it feels [when] you’re about to give up, and then you don’t,” young heartthrob Shawn Mendes once said of his hit single/minor Fuel flashback “In My Blood.” It’s an evergreen story that’s inspired some of my favorite art ever: the last verse of Bruce Springsteen’s “The Promised Land” and the ending of pretty much every movie ever made about boxing. But this particular pump-up anthem is more like a series of vague gestures, a weary sigh where some words of encouragement should be—how it feels when you’re about to say something, and then you don’t. Bring Me the Horizon - “MANTRA” Best Rock Song To its credit, this song checks all the angsty, vaguely sexual “punk” boxes that a Bring Me the Horizon song requires. But of all the possible songs that could have been nominated for Best Rock Song, why pick one that says, “Before the truth will set you free, it’ll piss you off”? This is the hell where Hot Topic and the Grammys converge. Maroon 5 - “Girls Like You” [ft. Cardi B] Best Pop Group Performance It’s telling that on their hit “Girls Like You,” Adam Levine never actually describes what the girl is like. He only really says two things about the subject’s personality: She likes guys 1) who are having fun and 2) are like Adam Levine. The song is like all the other suburban mom-bait that Maroon 5 have been cranking out for over a decade: Levine gives a nasal-forward delivery of a simple funk-inflected melody. Not even Cardi B’s verse can rescue it; next to her explosive charisma, the band looks like dried-out crudités at a party that for some reason, is always there, but no one is ever enthusiastic about. Jay Rock - “WIN” [ft. Kendrick Lamar] Best Rap Song “WIN” isn’t obnoxious just because Jay Rock repeats the word “win” 18 times in each chorus. It’s also the fact that he delivers the word with the desperation of a washed high school football coach looking to take the conference championship. And says the phrase “get out the way” like an insecure karaoke rendition of Ludacris’ “Move Bitch.” But somehow, the most hilarious moment comes from Pulitzer Prize-winning Kendrick Lamar, when he yelps “mommy!” in a tiny ad-lib. And that’s just the hook! twenty one pilots - “Jumpsuit” Best Rock Song I became more interested in this song when I learned that, lyrically, it stems from an elaborate fictional universe that front-pilot Tyler Joseph invented, centered on the city of Dema, where nine bishops rule the land and personify his various insecurities. It’s the kind of attention to detail and conceptual forethought that made me consider exploring this mega-popular alternative rock band’s catalog. In an instant, I envisioned myself mapping out the geography of Dema, maybe finding a small corner to call my own and settling down with my wife and kids to escape the mostly thankless life of being a blogger. Sadly for me, Dema almost instantly reveals itself to be gated by the impenetrable vocal affectations of Tyler Joseph (example: jumpsuit = “jah sioux”). Life comes flooding back. My fantasies remain just that. Greta Van Fleet - “Black Smoke Rising” Best Rock Song They seem like nice fellows. Good luck to them. FUENTE: https://pitchfork.com/thepitch/best-and-worst-songs-nominated-grammys-2019/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&mbid=social_twitter&utm_social-type=owned&utm_brand=p4k
  5. The 61st GRAMMY Awards are beginning to come to life as the Recording Academy has announced the first group of artists to perform at this year's show. Current nominees Camila Cabello, Cardi B, Dan + Shay, Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Janelle Monáe, and Kacey Musgraves will take the GRAMMY stage on Feb. 10. Making her GRAMMY performance debut, Cabello received two nominations for Best Pop Solo Performance for "Havana [Live]" and Best Pop Vocal Album for her debut full-lenght, Camila. Cardi B has five nominations this year, including Record Of The Year for "I Like It", Album Of The Year and Best Rap Album for her debut full-lenght, Invasion Of Privacy, Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Maroon 5 for "Girls Like You" and Best Rap Performance for "Be Careful." First-time GRAMMY nominees Dan + Shay are up for Best Country Duo/Group Performance for "Tequila," while fellow first-time nominee Post Malone received four nominations: Record Of The Year and Best Rap/Sung Performance for "Rockstar" with 21 Savage, Album Of The Year for Beerbongs & Bentleys and Best Pop Solo Performance for "Better Now." Taking the GRAMMY stage for the first time, Mendes is nominated for Song Of The Year for "In My Blood" and Best Pop Vocal Album for Shawn Mendes. Current two-time GRAMMY nominee Monáe is up for Album Of The Year for Dirty Computer and Best Music Video for "PYNK." Two-time GRAMMY winner and current nominee Musgraves is up for four GRAMMY Awards, Album Of The Year and Best Country Album for Golden Hour, Best Country Solo Performance for "Butterflies" and Best Country Song for "Space Cowboy." Hosted by Alicia Keys, the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards will be broadcast live from STAPLES Center in Los Angeles in HDTV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network, Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT. https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/cardi-b-camila-cabello-post-malone-janelle-mon%C3%A1e-more-perform-2019-grammys
  6. Ariana Grande Pulls Out Of Grammys After Disagreement With Producers Two big pop-music events are happening this weekend. On Friday, Ariana Grande, one of the world’s biggest pop stars as of right now, will release thank u, next, her second album in less than a year. And on Sunday night, the Grammys are happening. You would think that the Grammys would want to make sure Ariana Grande was a huge part of the show, and you would also think that Ariana Grande would want to use the Grammys to promote her record. And that was the original plan. But it’s not happening. Grande was slated to perform at the Grammys, and the show has been heavily promoting her appearance, but Variety reports that Grande has had disagreements with the show’s producers. And now, Grande isn’t performing on the show, and she isn’t attending, either. The whole thing stems from a disagreement over which song Grande would perform on the show. According to Variety, Grande wanted to perform “7 Rings,” her new single, which is currently the #1 song in the country. The producers wanted her to perform something else. They eventually worked out a compromise, wherein Grande would sing “7 Rings” as part of a medley. But the producers insisted that they would get to pick the second song in the medley. Variety also claims that the Grammy producers did not put those restrictions on any of the show’s other performers. Last year, talking to Billboard, Grande lamented the ways that she’s had to fight to win the same control over her career that her male peers get: “I feel like there are certain standards that pop women are held to that men aren’t… t’s just like, bruh, I just want to fucking talk to my fans and sing and write music and drop it the way these boys do.” And now the Grammys, a show that has a record of alienating a whole lot of the biggest stars in music, have lost another one. Seems pretty dumb! So: No Ariana On the other hand, we will get to see Post Malone performing with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This Sunday! Music’s biggest night! FUENTE
  7. v/s Ambas canciones recibieron aplausos de la crítica, se enfrentarán en varias categorías de los Grammys y además son los lead singles de exitosas y aclamadas bandas sonoras lanzadas este año. ¿Con cuál te quedas tú?
  8. La cantante fue por años una de las favoritas de la premiación, estando nominada a Álbum del Año con la mayoría de sus trabajos y siempre llevándose algún reconocimiento. Este año sólo obtuvo una nominación a Best Pop Vocal Album por "Reputation", a pesar de haber hecho una contundente campaña entre los jurados para pedir votos (incluyendo entradas gratis a sus conciertos y propaganda en revistas especializadas de la industria). ¿A qué crees que se debe? ¿Reputation es un mal álbum? ¿El ingreso de nuevos jurados más diversos? ¿Mucha competencia?
  9. At the 2018 Grammys, the showdown most people predicted would dominate the evening -- Kendrick Lamar vs. Ed Sheeran -- never materialized. Sheeran was shut out of the major categories, while Lamar lost out to Bruno Mars, who ended up taking home album, song and record of the year -- a sweep met with much criticism from watchers who believed the year was better defined by Lamar’s widely acclaimed, politically charged releases. This not-unfamiliar pattern revealed a fundamental Grammys truth: The show’s biggest tension will always be between its attempts to modernize and the biases and established patterns of its long history. So this year, we look to the names likely to appear in the newly expanded Big Four categories and wonder what narrative they will tell about the current state of the Grammys’ moves toward greater inclusion, accuracy and relevance. Already, the best new artist race has attracted attention: Cardi B and Post Malone, two of the past year’s biggest stars, are reportedly ineligible (though they could figure in other major categories). Will hip-hop finally have its day at the show, thanks to big-ticket releases from names like Drake, The Carters and Childish Gambino? Will previously under-recognized women like Ariana Grande, Janelle Monáe and Cardi benefit from The Recording Academy’s newly formed Diversity and Inclusion Task Force and from the backlash to president/CEO Neil Portnow’s infamous “step up” comments following the 2018 ceremony? Or will Grammy patterns continue to reward more traditional favorites like Sam Smith, Taylor Swift or even -- again -- Bruno Mars? ÁLBUM DEL AÑO Drake - Scorpion The Carters - Everything Is Love Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy Ariana Grande - Sweetener Sam Smith - The Thrill Of It All Taylor Swift - Reputation Los 2 espacios restantes dicen que podrían tomarlos Dirty Computer de Janelle Monae, MASSEDUCTION de St Vincent, Golden Hour de Kacey Musgraves o el soundtrack de Black Panther. GRABACIÓN DEL AÑO Drake - God's Plan Childish Gambino - This Is America Camila Cabello - Havana (feat. Young Thug) Ariana Grande - God Is A Woman Post Malone - Better Now, Rockstar o Psycho Dicen que los espacios restantes podrían estar entre APESHIT de The Carters, All The Stars de Kendrick Lamar & SZA, Meant To Be de Bebe Rexha, The Middle de Zedd o Finesse Remix de Bruno ft Cardi. CANCIÓN DEL AÑO Ariana Grande - No Tears Left To Cry Camila Cabello - Havana (feat. Young Thug) Taylor Swift - Delicate Ed Sheeran - Perfect Y el resto de espacios podrían ser de Drake, This Is America, Finesse Remix, I Like It, Girls Like You, Boo'd Up o New Rules. MEJOR ARTISTA NUEVO Dua Lipa Ella Mai Daniel Caesar H.E.R Mencionan como posibilidades a Juice WRLD, Lil Pump, Hayley Kiyoko, Billie Eilish, Ashley McBryde y Greta Van Fleet.