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  1. ADELE Adele has sold 126 million records worldwide. (56.75 million albums + 69.79 million singles) (As of Junio 2017) 7,350,000 copies of "19" 3.28 million in Europe 3.24 million in North America 0.35 million in South America 0.28 million in Australia/New Zealand 0.10 million in Asia 0.10 million in Africa 28,708,000 copies of "21" 13.65 million in North America 11.32 million in Europe 1.26 million in South America 1.34 million in Australia/New Zealand 0.62 million in Asia 0.51 million in Africa 3,500,000 copies of "Live at the Royal Albert Hall" 1.20 million in North America 1.10 million in Europe 1.10 million in South America 0.05 million in Asia 0.05 million in Africa 20.696,000 copies of "25" 10.52 million in North America 7.90 million in Europe 0.94 million in Australia/New Zealand 0.72 million in South America 0.36 million in Asia 0.25 million in Africa 0.91 million copies of "Hometown Glory" USA: 0.45 million UK: 0.40 million Canada: 0.04 million 2.30 million copies of "Chasing Pavements" USA: 1.608 million UK: 0.62 million Canada: 0.08 0.10 million copies of "Cold Shoulder" UK: 0.06 million USA: 0.04 million 3.37 million copies of "Make You Feel My Love" UK: 1.01 million USA: 0.60 million Netherlands: 0.13 million Belgium: 0.12 million Germany: 0.12 million France: 0.12 million Italy: 25,000 16.86 million copies of "Rolling in the Deep" USA: 8.50 million South Korea: 3.10 million UK: 1.20 million Canada: 0.72 million Australia: 0.55 million Germany: 0.50 million France: 0.35 million Mexico: 0.24 million Sweden: 0.12 million Brazil: 0.10 million Switzerland: 0.10 million Italy: 0.07 million Belgium: 0.06 million New Zealand: 0.05 million Spain: 0.05 million Denmark: 0.04 million Finland: 0.01 million 13.23 million copies of "Someone Like You" USA: 6.07 million UK: 1.80 million South Korea: 1.50 million Canada: 0.56 million Australia: 0.49 million France: 0.36 million Germany: 0.30 million Italy: 0.21 million Mexico: 0.15 million Brazil: 0.10 million Spain: 0.04 million New Zealand: 0.04 million Belgium: 0.03 million Denmark: 0.03 million 8.15 million copies of "Set Fire to the Rain" USA: 4.50 million UK: 0.70 million Canada: 0.40 million South Korea: 0.31 million Germany: 0.30 million Mexico: 0.20 million Australia: 0.21 million France: 0.16 million Brazil: 0.10 million Italy: 0.10 million Denmark: 0.03 million Switzerland: 0.03 million Belgium: 0.03 million Sweden: 0.02 million New Zealand: 0.01 million 3.02 million copies of "Rumour Has It" USA: 2 million UK: 0.65 million Canada: 0.16 million Australia: 0.03 million Italy: 0.02 million 1.50 million copies of "Turning Tables" USA: 0.88 million UK: 0.20 million Brazil: 0.05 million 5.31 million copies of "Skyfall" USA: 2,400,000 (2,360,000 copies as of November, 2015.) UK: 900,000 (862,936 copies as of December, 2015.) South Korea: 400,000 (375,002 copies between 2012 and 2013.) Germany: 350,000 (310,678 copies as of 2012.) France: 350,000 Canada: 320,000 Italy: 135,000 (129,906 copies between 2012 and 2014.) Mexico: 120,000 Denmark: 60,000 Australia: 50,000 Belgium: 30,000 New Zealand: 7,500 Finland: 5,500 11.13 million copies of "Hello" USA: 4,890,000 UK: 1.800,000 South Korea: 1,635,000 Canada: 720,000 Germany: 500,000 Australia: 500,000 Italy: 250,000 Sweden: 160,000 France: 138,000 Denmark: 120,000 Belgium: 90,000 Spain: 80,000 New Zealand: 120,000 Mexico: 30,000 Switzerland: 30,000 Japan: 25,000 Brazil: 20,000 2.15 million copies of "When We Were Young" USA: 904,000 UK: 638,449 Canada: 90,000 South Korea: 235,000 Australia: 70,000 Germany: 50,000 Denmark: 30,000 Italy: 25,000 Belgium: 15,000 France: 12,500 New Zealand: 7,500 2.36 million copies of "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" USA: 1,208,000 UK: 610,000 Canada: 80,000 Australia: 70,000 Germany: 30,000 Italy: 25,000 Belgium: 15,000 France: 6,500 South Korea: 6,000 Nueva Zelanda: 30,000 1 million "Water under the bridge" USA 509,000 UK 312,808 Canada 80,000 Australia 35,000 Italy 25,000 Germany 15,000 Nueva Zelanda 15,000 South Korea 10,000 STREAMING CONTENIDO OCULTO 19: 617,322,138 21: 1,289,170,746 Skyfall: 42,729,425 25: 1,621,946,719 Total: 3,571,169,028 XL Recordings, Adele and AdeleVEVO: 6,036,357,281 — General streams: 9,607,526,309 AWARDS CONTENIDO OCULTO Academy Awards — 2013: Best Original Song, with Skyfall AIM Awards — 2016: Independent Track of the Year, with Hello American Music Awards — 2011: Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and Favorite Pop/Rock Album, with 21 2012: Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist 2016: Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist Cannes Entertainment Lions for Music — 2016: Bronze in Excellence in Music Video, with Hello Critics' Choice Awards — 2013: Best Song, with Skyfall BBC Music Awards — 2015: British Artist of the Year and BBC Live Performance of the Year, with Adele at the BBC 2016: Song of the Year, with Hello and Album of the Year, with 25 BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards — 2016: Best British Solo Artist Billboard Music Awards — 2012: Top Artist, Female Artist of the Year, Top Digital Songs Artist, Top Digital Media Artist, Top Radio Songs Artist, Pop Artist of the Year, Hot 100 Artist of the Year, Billboard 200 Artist of the Year, Billboard 200 Album of the Year and Pop Album of the Year, with 21 and Top Streaming Song and Top Alternative Song, with Rolling in the Deep 2013: Pop Album of the Year, with 21 2016: Top Artist, Top Female Artist, Top Billboard 200 Artist, Top Billboard 200 Album, with 25 and Top Selling Song, with Hello Billboard Touring Awards — 2016: Breakthrough Artist, with Adele Live 2016 BMI London Awards — 2016: Pop Award Songs, with Hello BRIT Awards — 2008: Critics' Choice Award 2012: British Female Artist of the Year and MasterCard British Album of the Year, with 21 2013: Best British Single, with Skyfall 2016: British Female Artist of the Year, Best British Single, with Hello, MasterCard British Album of the Year, with 25 and BRIT's Global Success Award 2017: BRIT's Global Success Award Broadcast Awards — 2017: Best Music Programme, with Adele at the BBC Echo Awards — 2012: Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist and Album of the Year, with 21 2016: Best International Rock/Pop Female Artist Edinburgh TV Awards — 2016: TV Moment of the Year, with Adele rapping to Nicki Minaj's verse on Monster on Carpool Karaoke Golden Globe Awards — 2013: Best Original Song, with Skyfall Grammy Awards — 2009: Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, with Chasing Pavements 2012: Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Short Form Music Video, with Rolling in the Deep, Best Pop Solo Performance, with Someone Like You and Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album, with 21 2013: Best Pop Solo Performance, with Set Fire to the Rain (Live) 2014: Best Song Written for Visual Media, with Skyfall 2017: Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance, with Hello and Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album, with 25 IFPI Global Recording Artist Award — 2016: Global Recording Artist of 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards — 2016: Song of the Year, with Hello 2017: Female Artist of the Year and Pop Album of the Year, with 25 Ivor Novello Awards — 2012: Songwriter of the Year and PRS for Music Most Performed Work, with Rolling in the Deep 2016: Songwriter of the Year Juno Awards — 2012: International Album of the Year, with 21 2016: International Album of the Year, with 25 and Video of the Year, with Hello Kids' Choice Awards — 2016: Favorite Song of the Year, with Hello MTV Video Music Awards — 2011: Best Art Direction, Best Cinematography and Best Editing, with Rolling in the Deep Music Business Association — 2017: Artist of the Year NME Awards — 2017: Best Festival Headliner NRJ Music Awards — 2012: Révélation internationale de l'année and Chanson internationale de l'année, with Someone Like You 2015: NRJ Awards d'honneur Pollstar Awards — 2017: Major Tour of the Year, with Adele Live 2016 Premios Juventud — 2016: Favorite Hitmaker and Favorite Hit, with Hello Shorty Awards — 2016: Best Musician Swiss Music Awards — 2012: Best Hit International, with Rolling in the Deep 2016: Best Act International and Best Album International, with 25
  2. 3 years ago today, Adele made a triumphant return to the music scene with the release of “Hello.” The monster hit reached #1 in 36 countries, sold over 1.1 MILLION US copies in its first week, & has over 3.2 BILLION streams. It broke records across the globe & won three Grammys.
  3. Adele dice 'hola' a Spotify, Apple Music, Play Music y Tidal Siete meses después de que su álbum '25' saliera a la venta en formato físico [sí, físico], la cantante británica lo lanzó para servicios de 'streaming'. El álbum 25 de la cantante británica Adele por fin está en los servicios de música por streaming más populares actualmente. Apple Music, Spotify, Play Music y Tidal son algunos de los servicios que a partir de este viernes ya cuentan con el álbum de la cantante que en 2015 se promulgó en contra de este tipo de servicios. Adele lanzó en noviembre su álbum únicamente en formato físico o con opción a compra en formato digital, pero no disponible en los servicios de suscripción mensual. "Sé que la música por streaming es el futuro, pero no es la única forma de consumir música", dijo Adele en diciembre durante una entrevista con la revista Time. "No puedo prometer lealtad a algo que no sé cómo sentirme todavía". A pesar de dejar pasar de los servicios de streaming, 25 fue todo un éxito. En EE.UU., el álbum vendió 3.38 millones de copias durante su primer semana de disponibilidad. Pero como bien dice Adele, el futuro está en el streaming. Según estudios, el mercado de estos servicios musicales de suscripción mensual alcanzará un valor de US$16,420 millones en 2020. No por nada los gigantes tecnológicos están lanzando su servicio; ya lo hizo Apple hace apenas un año, y Amazon, al parecer, lo hará muy pronto. Así como Adele opta por lo tradicional, hay otros músicos que van por el futuro desde un inicio. El cantante de hip hop Drake lanzó en mayo -- y en exclusiva para los servicios de streaming -- su más reciente álbum,Views, con el que generó más de 500 millones de reproducciones en stream y se colocó por tres semanas consecutivas en las listas de Billboard, según The New York Times. http://www.cnet.com/es/noticias/adele-25-album-spotify-apple-music/
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfR9Kw5Rtxc
  5. Tracklist 1. Hello 2. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) 3. I Miss You 4. When We Were Young 5. Remedy 6. Water Under The Bridge 7. River Lea 8. Love In The Dark 9. Million Years Ago 10. All I Ask 11. Sweetest Devotion 12. Cant Let Go* 13. Lay Me Down* 14. Why Do You Love Me* *Deluxe Edition
  6. Everybody loves the things you do From the way you talk, to the way you move Everybody here is watching you Cause you feel like home, you're like a dream come true But if by chance you're here alone Can i have a moment before i go? Cause ive been by myself all night long Hoping you're someone i used to know You look like a movie, you sound like a song My God this reminds me of when we were young Let me photograph you in this light in case it is the last time Though we might be exactly like we were before we realised We were sad of getting old it made us restless It was just like a movie, it was just like a song When we were young I was so scared to face my fears Cause nobody told me, that you'd be here And i swear you've moved overseas Thats what you said when you left me You still look like a movie, you still sound like a song My God this reminds me of when we were young Let me photograph you in this light in case it is the last time Though we might be exactly like we were before we realised We were sad of getting old it made us restless It was just like a movie, it was just like a song When we were young Its hard to win me back Everything just takes me back to When you were there, to when you were there. And a part of me keeps holding on Just in case it hasn't gone I guess i still care, do you still care? It was just like a movie, it was just like a song My God this reminds me of when we were young Let me photograph you in this light in case it is the last time Though we might be exactly like we were before we realised We were sad of getting old it made us restless Oh Im so mad im getting old it makes me reckless It was just like a movie, it was just like a song When we were young.
  7. Preview Album: http://allaboutmusic.pl/adele-25/ “All I Ask” co-wrote by Bruno Mars. http://dashausofjack.tumblr.com/post/133418523628/snippet-of-adeles-all-i-ask-co-wrote-by-bruno "Send My Love (To Your new Lover" produced by Max Martin http://dashausofjack.tumblr.com/post/133417664148/snippet-of-adeles-send-my-love-to-your-new "Hello" "When We Were Young" Aporten con más links
  8. http://www.9news.com.au/entertainmen...ith-60-minutes https://www.facebook.com/60Minutes9/ @1:29-2:35 Suena
  9. 25 Menús terriblemente mal traducidos Vas a llorar de la risa, o te devolvemos tu dinero. 1. Resulta que el lomo es saltarín. perufail.peru.com 2. Nunca entenderé por qué fue tan difícil traducir “pasta”. somosviajeros.com 3. Miren bien de cerca y lo encontrarán. wordpress.com 4. Tu nueva mascota favorita. taringa.net 5. Jejeje. wordpress.com 6. Basta, no puedo más. abctranslink.com 7. Hola, si qué tal, me podría dar uno de estos. loharia.com 8. Pobre pollito. taringa.net 9. Creo que nada aquí está bien escrito. maidertomasena.com 10. Y ni hablar aquí. cosas-que-pasan.com 11. Mejor dejemos las durícies para el pedicuro. abctranslink.com 12. Por favor lean lo que dice en Causa Limeña porque quiero llorar. guioteca.com Y también la de papa a la huancaina por favor. 13. Rock & Roll baby salmón. abctranslink.com 14. Listo, se pasaron. abctranslink.com 15. NO. Twitter: @gallomaniac 16. ¿Alguien quiere cenar wikipedia hoy? supergracioso.com 17. ¿Bueno pero es que a quién se le ocurre poner de nombre a un plato “huevos al albañil”? ¿DE QUIÉN ES LA CULPA? Twitter: @jgzahoul 18. Estarían faltando palabras. Twitter: @MrDonZea 19. JAJAJAJA. Twitter: @itgalan 20. Quitar letras no es lo mis que traducir. Por favor. Twitter: @luis_gj 21. ¿No tienen ñ? Twitter: @SoyCrisTin 22. No fueron asaltadas, fueron SALTEADAS. Twitter: @LinKer_Gr 23. Ew. Twitter: @pareceperverso 24. Si es así, entonces sería “avena con galletas”. Twitter: @rociolewis 25. ¿….? taringa.net http://www.buzzfeed.com/conzpreti/25-menus-terriblemente-mal-traducidos?utm_term=.qwnJADaxa#.bfp2kqX1X
  10. BBC Radio 1 revealed on air that it will be premiering the first single from Adele’s new album next Friday, October 30. No word on whether it’s the still-unnamed track previewed in the TV teaser, or something else entirely. http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/music/news/a674855/adele-is-premiering-her-new-single-on-bbc-radio-1-next-week.html?utm_source=twt&utm_medium=snets&utm_campaign=twitter#~prLQFL5hyTBUl3
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=dfZCJDkck4Q RIP la carrera de todos Huracan "25" se viene con todo Album 20 de Noviembre The long-awaited return of XL/Columbia’s Adele is slated for 11/20, and is naturally expected to have a seismic impact on the remainder of the year. Expect the leadoff single to drop in the first or second week of November. The forthcoming album is the last on Adele’s Sony/XL deal; insiders say she has already inked a new worldwide deal with Sony, said to be valued at more than $50 million. The British superstar has inked a lockout deal with NBC for four big TV looks, including The Today Show, SNL, a dedicated special and one more appearance TBA (possibly Fallon). The exclusive deal will not, however, prevent Adele from appearing on the 2016Grammys. Adele’s 2011 set 21 has sold 11.1 million copies (13.5m+ with TEA) in the U.S. thus far, and more than 30m worldwide.