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  1. En el video Lady Gaga interpreta a una exitosísima celebridad usada por un novio que saca provecho de ella, ve su fama hundida después de un accidente que la deja en silla de ruedas, los medios la tratan de acabada, deja de ser "Gaga" y al final el mundo vuelve a amarla. Estos puntos coincidirían con una de sus ex parejas, sus problemas con las drogas, su problema en la cadera, el flop de ARTPOP, su disco jazz en el que ya no quería ser Gaga y finalmente su aclamada performance en los Oscars/Super Bowl, etc ¿Crees en esta teoría o es una kelokura más de los Little Monsters?
  2. In 2011, Lady Gaga released “You & I,” a honky-tonk ballad that chimed more with Shania Twain and country rock musical numbers than with her pop beginnings. With that in mind, students of Gaga were not entirely surprised by her last full-length album, 2016’s Joanne. Talked up as a sudden about-turn search for “authenticity” (please, no), the signs had long been there that Gaga would strip down to rootsy, showtune basics like a Broadway Dolly Parton. Joanne necessarily bled into what comes now: her lead role in Bradley Cooper’s remake of A Star Is Born. For Gaga, talk of “authenticity” is useless. Gaga has always been a theatrical phenom; hers is a complete blurring of life and show. A star, she was born. “Shallow,” the original theme of A Star Is Born, may prove to be Gaga’s own apex in the spotlight, her completion into superstar of charts and screen. “Shallow” is a slow-building conversation around picked guitar, beginning with Bradley Cooper’s inviting “tell me something, girl.” He doesn’t quite have the deep growl of a Kris Kristofferson (who played opposite Barbra Streisand in the 1976 film) but pulls off the earnestness required to hand over to his far superior singing partner; his restraint recognizes that it’s not his moment to shine but hers. Gaga carries everything here with familiar battleworn strength; her voice begins sturdy and climbs to a heady wail. Eventually she shatters the ceiling, coursing across a body of drums and pedal steel guitar, belting, “We’re far from the shallow now.” Her performance suggests A Star Is Born will be a tale of grit, determination, and high-stakes drama. What else have we come to expect from Lady Gaga? “Shallow,” the Bradley Cooper-Lady Gaga duet from the forthcoming remake of A Star Is Born, opens with an acoustic guitar that recalls strumming from the Peak Power Ballad Era — think the percussive nature of “More Than Words” and the filigrees of “I Remember You,” with a bit of “To Be With You” shagginess thrown in for good measure; Cooper’s slightly raspy voice brings to mind today’s country-pop singers in Unplugged mode. But when Lady Gaga — playing Ally, the ingenue who gets drawn in by Cooper’s grizzled rocker — comes in to cheers, “Shallow” explodes into colors, turning a simple love song into high drama. Rock Powerhouse Gaga is one of her best personas, allowing her to channel her theater-kid background and pop-star present simultaneously; “Shallow” lets her not just revel but sound like she’s bathing in it, from the ovation accompanying her arrival to her final repetition of the chorus. The key moment, of course, is Gaga’s 17-second run at the song’s bridge, a vocal triumph that future generations will study. The musicians crouch into their starting blocks at 2:25, and two seconds later, she fires the starter’s pistol, teasing what’s to come with a breathy gasp; her voice then opens, and opens more, until she’s seemingly threatening to swallow the entire stage whole, sustaining its triumphant ending note before crashing back into its Bic lighter-worthy chorus. Cooper’s somewhere in there, too, but Gaga steals the show as easily in Hollywood as she does in pop. What an affecting ballad, power-pop duet, statement of purpose and major Hollywood moment for these two incredibly talented individuals. We’ll have a full review of the film soon, but we’re just gonna say this: Both Cooper and Gaga completely disappear into their roles. The power and energy of Gaga’s voice is totally present in this clip, but there’s less of her IRL bombast, which makes songs like “Bad Romance” so distinctive. Ally (her character’s name) couldn’t be more different from Mother Monster. “Shallow” is a massive, roaring rock song with a pop garnish; it’s actually difficult to compare the music to that of any particular artist. It sounds like it could be an earlier-career Miley Cyrus track, but also like it could have been written by Carly Simon or Stevie Nicks or Bonnie Raitt maybe? We don’t know. Just listen and decide for yourself. Lady Gaga's constant reinvention has never felt arch; instead, it takes frequent detours off pop music's highway. Her characters have permeated music, but in a new version of the film A Star Is Born, she plays Ally, an unknown singer-songwriter who meets Jackson Maine (Bradley Cooper). He wants to make her a star — yet another character for Gaga to inhabit while re-orbiting her own music. "Shallow" sets the stage for a quiet, reflective country croon, the recording opting to keep in audience noise and their rapturous response. Bradley Cooper, with a sweet and amiable set of pipes, trades verses with Gaga about finding more, wanting more out of life and lovers. But then Gaga's theater kid comes roaring in at the chorus: "I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in / I'll never meet the ground," growling the last word as if every rejection, every ex, every barrier embodies it. Beyond the shallow end of life, they embrace the deep. If this song doesn't give you chills, I feel bad for you. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper give an unbelievable performance in the song "Shallow" for A Star Is Born, creating a heartfelt, moving track that deserves an award. No, all the awards. Cooper's voice is great. Lady Gaga is transcendent. And yes, this the song with the famous Lady Gaga vocal. + The New York Times: The first song from the upcoming remake of “A Star Is Born,” written and directed by Bradley Cooper, is a good, old-fashioned, sound-of-the-1970s, gumption-of-the-1980s, high-treacle-higher-pomp roots ballad. Mr. Cooper is a fine singer, fine as in adequate. It’s Lady Gaga who throbs intensely here, leaning deep into the natural husk of her voice, and swapping her ordinary costume for a different type of polish, one that reveals more than it hides. Screen Crush: It’s the best moment of the film – honestly, a top contender for one of the single best movie moments of 2018. Awards Circuit: The song is the presumed frontrunner for this year’s Best Original Song. One of Geek: Shallow is the first destined-to-be hit song recorded from A Star is Born. Entertainment.ie: Full song 'Shallow' from 'A Star is Born' is mind-blowingly good Birth Movie Death: Let Lady Gaga Uplift Your Spirits With A STAR IS BORN’s “Shallow” Pedestrian: Lady Gaga Finally Blesses Us With That Emotional Duet From ‘A Star Is Born’
  3. 10 years ago today in 2008, @LadyGaga released her iconic hit "Poker Face". The Grammy-Award winning single hit #1 in the US, is certified DIAMOND in the US, has sold over 20 MILLION copies worldwide & has had an everlasting impact on pop culture!
  4. https://openload.co/embed/e-NBQcKmyXk/ a las 12 en spotify con todo el disco riqueza :pordios:
  5. En los dos mil el pelo de JT era furor y muchos jóvenes seguían sus pasos para imitar sus cortes de pelo ¿Tu seguiste a algún artista?
  6. Todo fin de año, Billboard divulga sus end-charts. Entre los principales está el TOP ARTIST, que nombra al mayor artista en US en el año respectivo, teniendo en cuenta todos los charts de la revista norteamericana. Aquí se enumeran los mayores artistas en US en cada año en la década actual (2010) 2010: Lady Gaga 2011: Adele 2012: Adele 2013: Bruno Mars 2014: One Direction 2015: Taylor Swift 2016: Adele 2017: Ed Sheeran 2018 (so far): Drake (Probablemente) Apuestas para el 2019? ¿Quién crees que será el TOP ARTIST del próximo año?
  7. Madonna ‘Livid’ Gaga’s New Movie ‘A Star Is Born’ Garnering Oscar Buzz, Report Claims The Material Girl ‘always wanted to be a movie star.’ Lady Gaga is already earning rave views for her new film A Star Is Born, but her nemesis Madonna isn’t exactly thrilled with her cinematic success! A source told “Straight Shuter” podcast host Rob Shuter that “Madonna is livid” over the “Poker Face” singer hitting it big in Hollywood, because she’s the one who “always wanted to be a movie star.” However, stinging reviews always torpedoed 60-year-old Madge’s silver screen aspirationsOpens a New Window. and her career never really took off. Now watching 32-year-old Gaga garner Oscar buzz has made passing the baton as a multi-talented entertainer even harder for Madonna, who sunk instead of swam in films like the 2002 bomb Swept Away. If Gaga actually scores an Academy Award, sources warned: “Madonna will cancel her Oscar party” and “go straight to bed with tears!” Fuente: RadarOnline
  8. The "Just Dance" singer's meteoric rise to celebrity status not only defined the trajectory of Lady Gaga's career, but reimagined the way that up-and-coming pop musicians establish themselves as industry mainstays. When Lady Gaga smashed into the music scene back in 2008, people were naturally taken aback. Here was an eccentric, diva-like pop singer operating under a mysterious pseudonym that managed to score four top ten hits off of a debut album. But after just a couple years, and a number of changes -- both aesthetic and artistic -- Lady Gaga had become an artist synonymous with ultra-stardom. She caught the world’s attention with “Just Dance” and “Poker Face,” her first two singles and subsequently her two most successful Hot 100 hits, both topping the chart. Her iconic videos for songs like “LoveGame” and “Paparazzi,” and the shocking performance of the latter at the 2009 VMAs, only solidified her notoriety. In stunningly short period of time, Gaga had not only broken into the mainstream, but defied expectations of what was allowed for pop stars of the 2000s. Now, in the decade since Gaga’s inaugural album The Fame was first released (on Aug. 19, 2008 -- ten years ago Sunday), the “Bad Romance” singer’s stardom has waxed and waned. After three albums of anomalous, personality-driven pop bangers, Gaga released ARTPOP, a critically and commercially underwhelming set that saw the singer’s fame reach a new low. But Gaga reinvented her own image and sound, releasing two albums (Cheek to Cheek and Joanne) that found success diverging from the edgy electro-pop path she’d made for herself, while reminding fans the number of classic hits she'd already amassed during her gig at halftime of Super Bowl LI. She's still a force in popular music, though may never be the trailblazing star she was on her first album again. But no matter what career paths Gaga takes, The Fame will always serve as the album that not only introduced the world to one of the most ubiquitous pop stars of the 21st century, but as a redefinition of how artists cross over to the mainstream. While outlets and critics have claimed since her debut that the star is a carbon copy of Madonna, it has become clear in the years since that Gaga’s skyrocket to fame was a phenomenon unlike anything modern pop culture had previously seen. Since its 2008 release, The Fame has served as a template for up-and-coming artists on how to achieve status and attention within the pop music milieu. For some, the path has led to considerable top 40 success. But for many, Gaga’s initial rise to repute has proven to be nearly inimitable. Part of what made Gaga so endlessly fascinating to the public was the air of celebrity she cultivated with just her first album, as a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy. The Fame embodied what being famous felt like, even when Gaga herself had not achieved fame until after the album’s release. She strutted into pop culture as a fully-realized star, exuding confidence and prima donna status before even earning public permission to do so. She forced people to turn their heads and wonder if they had missed something: Who is this person? What is she doing? Has she been here this whole time, or is everyone else just as confused as I am? One artist who has come the closest to replicating Gaga’s level of alt-stardom is Sia, the world-renowned pop singer-songwriter. But context is key — before being launched into fame with guest turns on David Gueta's “Titanium” and Flo Rida's "Wild Ones," Sia had a long career as an indie recording artist, achieving a cult celebrity without truly breaking through to the mainstream. It wasn't until her sixth album 1000 Forms of Fear, that set's smash hit "Chandelier," and her subsequent decision to shield her face using various long-banged wigs, that she became a phenomenon. However, even with a number of viral music videos and hit singles (including a Hot 100 No. 1 hit with "Cheap Thrills"), Sia never quite reached the commercial consistency of early Gaga -- where every single and video became an event -- with new releases just as likely to miss the Hot 100 altogether as to top it. Even seasoned pop veterans have taken elements of what Gaga did in 2008 and incorporated them into their own acts. Ahead of the release of her 2010 album Bionic, Christina Aguilera adopted a fashion sense and persona resembling Gaga, causing public speculation over whether or not she was copying the new star. When her album was released, critics panned it for what was perceived as a cheap attempt to capitalize on the rising popularity of future-focused dance-pop and celebrity mystery. Ultimately, Gaga’s instant acclaim may be perceived as almost accidental, but it’s simply not the case. Even the title of The Fame shows that Gaga and her influential producers knew exactly what they were doing -- crafting hype, personality and undeniable radio-killers to shoot this once unknown singer by the name of Stefani Germanotta into the bloodstream of pop music. As the idol prepares her heavily anticipated sixth studio album and an equally hyped residency in Las Vegas, it’s clear that The Fame not only changed the course of Gaga’s career, but corrected the course of modern pop music for generations to come.
  9. 1. Missy Elliot Missy es la candidata más obvia para recibir este especial trofeo en el futuro. Sus contribuciones a la generación de Total Request Live de MTV fueron algunas de las piezas de videos pop más surreales, inventivas y ampliamente imitadas de la época. Una combinación perfecta para la música ecléctica y atrevida que ella estaba haciendo en aquel tiempo. Desde la bolsa de basura y ojo de pez en "The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)" a la mansión embrujada tipo Beetlejuice de "Lose Control" o dejando que estrellas adolescentes bailaran en clips como "Gossip Folks" y "Work It", los productos de su singular visión se han convertido en uno de los momentos que más han perdurado en la historia de los videos musicales. 2. Joseph Kahn Los VMA no han reconocido a un director de videos musicales desde hace más de una década, y Joseph Kahn es uno de los más ideales candidatos al premio. Ha estado dirigiendo videos por casi de 30 años y su lista de colabroadores no tiene comparación. Él es el hombre detrás de de la fantasía vampírica de "Everybody" de los Backstreet Boys, del enfrentamiento entre Brandy y Mónica en "The Boy Is Mine" y la épica agente secreta vengativa interpretada por Britney Spears en "Toxic". 3. Eminem Cambiando erráticamente de gravemente serio a completamente loco, Eminem ha sido un maestro de videos musicales innovadores. Su mejor trabajo proviene de sus colaboraciones con Phillip Atwell, que conducen a clips tontos y provocativos en los que el rapero ha retratado a varias celebridades (como Bill Clinton y Johnny Carson en "My Name Is"), pacientes de sala de psiquiatría ("The Real Slim Shady") y versiones dramatizadas de él mismo ("Stan").Ya sea atrapando a las estrellas más importantes de la cultura pop o abordando relaciones tóxicas y violencia doméstica, los videos de Eminem siempre han tenido un impacto innegable. 4. Lady Gaga Más recientemente, Lady Gaga ha sido responsable por hacer de los videos musicales un evento otra vez. Hizo su debut justo en la era en que TRL era reemplazado por Youtube, pero eso no detuvo a Gaga de hacer componentes visuales más largos, llenos de trama y moda vanguardista para combinar con su música. 5. Marc Webb Otro excelente candidato al Video Vanguard Award es Marc Webb, el director de algunos de los mejores videos de rock alternativo de los 2000s. Trabajando con artistas como Green Day, the Used y Evanescense, Webb ayudó a mantener a un montón de músicos de rock del nuevo milenio a la par con los artistas pop y hip-hop que dominaban el universo de MTV en aquel tiempo. Su más notable contribución fue el dramático, funeral emo-goth de My Chemical Romance en "Helena". ¿Cuál es tu video preferido de estos artistas? ¿Quién debería ganar el próximo año?
  10. Lady Gaga se convertirá en la nueva reina de Las Vegas Este martes, Lady Gaga anunció vía Instagram que se prepara para liderar su propia residencia en Las Vegas, en el Park Theater del Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino. La estrella le agradeció a los ejecutivos de MGM por ayudarla a asegurar este trato. "¡Gracias Richard, Bill y Chris por hacer mi sueño realidad!", escribió en la red social. "¡Fui hecha para esta ciudad, y no puedo esperar a encender el Park Theater como nunca antes!". La información de las fechas y los boletos de la residencia de Lady Gaga se anunciará en los próximos meses, según señaló un comunicado de prensa. Los rumores sobre una posible residencia de la intérprete de Joanne estuvieron circulando por meses, y la confirmación de Gaga llega un día después de que culminara su gira en Los Ángeles. La ganadora del Grammy de 31 años agregó en un comunicado, "Es la tierra de Elvis, Tony Bennett y Frank Sinatra, del Rat Pack, Elton John, Judy Garland y Liza Minnelli. Ha sido el sueño de mi vida presentarme en Las Vegas. Me siento honrada de ser parte de un line-up histórico, y por tener el honor de crear un nuevo show que Las Vegas jamás haya visto. Les diré exactamente lo mismo que le dije a mis compañeros de MGM y Park Theatre, podrán contar con que esta presentación siempre tendrá una cosa… Dejaré mi corazón en el escenario cada noche. Gracias a todos mis fans por siempre creer en mi. Vengan a verme en Las Vegas, bebés, ¡lo hicimos!" http://la.eonline.com/andes/enews/lady-gaga-se-convertira-en-la-nueva-reina-de-las-vegas/?
  11. Son 23 en total pero sólo puse a los conocidos. Lista completa con más detalles de cada álbum y etc aquí: https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8464091/acts-with-at-least-two-hot-100-no-1s-debut-album-cardi-b 1. Whitney Houston - Whitney Houston (1985-86) "Saving All My Love For You" 1 semana, "How Will I Know" 2 semanas, "Greatest Love Of All" 3 semanas. 2. Tiffany Darwish - Tiffany (1987-88) "I Think We're Alone Now" 2 semanas y "Could've Been" 2 semanas 3. Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey (1990-91) "Vision Of Love" 4 semanas, "Love Takes Times" 3 semanas, "Someday" 2 semanas, "I Don't Wanna Cry" 2 semanas. 4. Christina Aguilera - Christina Aguilera (1999-2000) "Genie in a Bottle" 5 semanas, "What a Girl Wants" 2 semanas, "Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)" 4 semanas. 5. Beyoncé - Dangerously In Love (2003) "Crazy In Love" 8 semanas y "Baby Boy" 9 semanas 6. Fergie - The Dutchess (2006-07) "London Bridge" 3 semanas, "Glamorous" 2 semanas, "Big Girls Don't Cry" 1 semana 7. Lady Gaga - The Fame (2009) "Just Dance" 3 semanas y "Poker Face" 1 semana 8. Bruno Mars - Doo-Woops & Hooligans (2010-11) "Just The Way You Are" 4 semanas y "Grenade" 4 semanas 9. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist (2013) "Thrift Shop" 6 semanas y "Can't Hold Us" 5 semanas 10. Cardi B - Invasion Of Privacy (2017-18) "Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)" 3 semanas y "I Like It" 1 semana
  12. Un insider en el que dicen se puede confiar tuiteó esto: a little bird told me that @MarkRonson might be producin Gaga ft. Miley https://twitter.com/SMDLeaks/status/1011395915368878080 El día después Miley fue a NY y se juntó con Mark Y empezó a ir con él y su equipo al estudio Electric Lady, el mismo donde Gaga ha estado yendo los últimos dias Será?
  13. Posicionamiento en listas N° 1 en Australia, Canadá, Estados Unidos, Irlanda, Países Bajos y Reino Unido N° 2 en Japón N° 3 en España, Noruega, Nueva Zelanda, Suecia y la Unión Europea N° 5 en República Checa N° 6 en Dinamarca N° 7 en Finlandia N° 8 en Austria y Suiza N° 10 en Alemania y Eslovaquia
  14. #1 Simon & Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water (135 weeks) ***** #2 Ed Sheeran X (97 weeks) ***** #3 Michael Jackson Thriller (88 weeks *Includes Thriller 25ª*) ***** #4 Adele 21 (77 weeks) ***** #5 Sam Smith In The Lonely Hour (76 weeks) ***** #6 Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells (74 weeks) ***** #7 Amy Winehouse Back to Black (72 weeks, Includes The Deluxe Edition) ***** #7 Lady Gaga The Fame (72 weeks. Includes The Fame Monster) ***** #9 Emeli Sandé Our Version of Events (67 weeks) ***** #10 Dire Straits Brothers in Arms (66 weeks) http://www.officialcharts.com/chart-news/albums-that-have-spent-the-longest-in-the-top-10__22025/
  15. Lady Gaga's Joanne World Tour Final Numbers: $95 Million Earned & 842,000 Tickets Sold With final box office counts reported by promoter Live Nation, the overall gross from the run reached $95 million based on 841,935 sold tickets at 49 performances. The Joanne trek launched on Aug. 1 and was booked in North America and Europe primarily in arenas, but it also included her first four headlining concerts in U.S. stadiums. The stadium dates were the top grossers on the tour with the highest counts logged at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets. The venue hosted 69,978 fans at two performances in late August with a total take of $9.5 million. Compared to her earlier major arena tours: Monster Ball (2009-2011), Born This Way (2012-2013) and ArtRave: The Artpop Ball (2014), the Joanne jaunt produced higher gross averages than on any of the earlier tours, according to Billboard’s Boxscore archives. Her grosses in arenas were 7 percent higher per show on Joanne than on Born This Way and even higher on the other two -- 28 percent higher than Monster Ball and 35 percent more than ArtRave. https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/8099986/lady-gaga-joanne-world-tour-final-numbers
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=npojBTA-pcQ
  17. GRAMMY® NOMINEES CHILDISH GAMBINO, LADY GAGA, LITTLE BIG TOWN, AND P!NK SET TO BRING MUSIC’S BIGGEST NIGHT® BACK TO NEW YORK AFTER 15 YEARS GRAMMY WINNER PATTI LUPONE AND CURRENT NOMINEE BEN PLATT TO HERALD A SPECIAL BROADWAY TRIBUTE AT THE “60TH GRAMMY AWARDS®” ON JAN. 28 ON CBS Music’s Biggest Night® Will Be Hosted by Award-winning Host and Performer James Corden. CBS and the Recording Academy® announce the first group of artists to perform on this year’s milestone 60TH ANNUAL GRAMMY AWARDS®. Taking the stage on Music’s Biggest Night® will be current GRAMMY nominee Childish Gambino, GRAMMY winner and current nominee Lady Gaga, GRAMMY winners and current nominees Little Big Town, and GRAMMY winner and current nominee P!nk. Additionally, in light of the show’s return to New York after 15 years, two-time GRAMMY winner Patti LuPone will reprise her 1981 performance of “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” and “Dear Evan Hansen’s” currently nominated Ben Platt will perform a classic from “West Side Story,” in a special Broadway tribute honoring the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Leonard Bernstein. Set to perform a track from her GRAMMY-nominated album, Joanne (Best Pop Vocal Album), six-time GRAMMY winner Lady Gaga is also nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance (“Million Reasons”). https://www.cbspressexpress.com/cbs-entertainment/releases/view?id=49268 https://twitter.com/CBS/status/948927788274237441
  18. ¿Recuerdas temas que prendieron por si solos y terminaron siendo singles oficiales? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3jzMyYgPQs **Algunos solo publicados como sencillos promocionales/radiales y debido al éxito se convirtieron en singles oficiales
  19. La carrera por conseguir la residencia mejor pagada en Las Vegas parece tener a una ganadora con Lady Gaga anunciando su negociación de dos años en el MGM Park Theater. De acuerdo a dos confiables fuentes en VARIETY, Gaga aseguró el pago de mas de un millón de dólares por show, comprometiendo 74 presentaciones. Junto a la venta de tickets, el monto alcanzará una recaudación final cercana a los $100 millones de dólares, un nuevo récord tanto para la ciudad como para las actuales grandes estrellas pop. Se calculan aún más ingresos para la superestrella pop a través de las ventas en merchandising - comúnmente una repartición 50/50 con MGM Park Theater - y ofertas VIP. http://variety.com/2017/music/news/lady-gaga-las-vegas-residency-1202646129/
  20. Shakira y Lady Gaga están de luto FALLECE A LOS 77 AÑOS EL TUNECINO AZZEDINE ALAÏA, DISEÑADOR, CUYO SELLO DISTINTIVO FUE EL ESTILO CEÑIDO AL CUERPO, Y ENTRAÑABLE AMIGO DE SHAKIRA Por: Armando Guadarrama. Las aclamadas divas del pop internacional están atravesando un periodo de luto a raíz del fallecimiento del diseñador de modas Azzedine Alaïa ocurrido este fin de semana. A lo largo de su exitosa trayectoria, el fashionista tunecino vistió por muchos años a celebridades del entretenimiento, el arte y la política como Naomi Campbell, Grace Jones, Greta Garbo, Michelle Obama, Rihanna y Lady Gaga, siendo Shakira una de sus musas más inspiradoras y amiga muy cercana. Siento tu pérdida, mi querido amigo Azzedine, donde quiera que estés ahora tu amor y tu ingenioso legado siempre estará con nosotros, conmigo. Te extrañaré mucho, Shak, fueron las palabras que la colombiana subió a Instagram. Esta noticia se suma a la desafortunada racha por la que actualmente atraviesa la chica de las caderas que no mienten.