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  1. RT @GamerVev: Bitch what.... I mean we knew y’all favor him but ?⚰️#TheChallenge33 https://t.co/HJettza31x

  2. RT @DayDaVonne_: Expose what sis ? Your mother was one of the NINE votes & felt she deserved the win https://t.co/v1zNYHhQ6j

  3. RT @ExOnTheBeach: [email protected] packed her bags and headed straight through the door over @realChadJohnson's ex @maddiesullivan1, but cou…

  4. RT @georgiaharisonx: @TheOfficial_CT thanks for the lovely comments you said about me on wednesdays show xxx

  5. RT @OMFGRealityTV: Lindsay Lohan posted on her Instagram that she is planning to expose CBS Celebrity Big Brother! Lindsay posted saying he…

  6. RT @MTV_AMANDAG: I haven’t watched last nights episode yet but ALERT? THAT WAS NOT THE BOMB. I REPEAT. THAT WAS NOT THE BOMB. lol #TheChal

  7. RT @icarusmani: And if that’s what they show on TV, I would hate to see how bad they are when the doors are closed

  8. RT @DayDaVonne_: Lmaoooooo my life !!!!! I had Bear , Josh , and Amanda .... ? BEAR , JOSH , and AMANDA ??? it was a rough season ....…

  9. RT @lohanbeachclub: When your ex calls you from a different number ? #LohanBeachClub https://t.co/Rctw1oIN8n

  10. RT @ChallengeMTV: We love a good ole fashioned tug of war! ?Don't miss a new episode of The Challenge on it's new night, WEDNESDAY at 9/8…

  11. RT @turabilker: Turabi: Challenge evinde ilişki serbest, çünkü kavga,ilişki ve yarış realitysini kısaca her şeyi vermek istiyorlar. Tek öne…

  12. RT @PopCrave: 'Sweetener' by Ariana Grande has won "Best Pop Vocal Album" at the #GRAMMYS.Congratulations, @ArianaGrande! ? https://t.co/…

  13. RT @MTV_AMANDAG: @ChallengeMTV This proves it doesn’t matter if you are a nice person or a “mean” one PPL WILL STILL TALK SHIT ABOUT YOU. ?

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